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Proof Ron Paul Is Winning!

Watch as the Mainstream Media changes their tone about Ron Paul and his chances.


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President Ron Paul!!!

You guys are Changing your Country

and the World!!

For Freedom!



Rupert Murdoch

Murdoch made comments this week that he's not so optimistic about Romney, along with the blah about Tom Cruise/Scientology being evil/creepy (pot calling the kettle black, anyone?)

I'm going to be watching keenly from now on, because if the media does finally turn around and start reporting accurately on the good Doctor, I think it'll be for one of two reasons:

Murdoch's about-face on Romney


The obvious conclusion that the MSM is going to look inept and corrupt when Tampa is anything but a glorious coronation for Flip-Flop.

im telling you guys

First that laugh at you, then they ignore you, then they Fight you, then you WIN!!

*this comes from principle as it never changes, only the reactions of people given a consistent message

His name is Edward Snowden

What is Capitalism?

I wouldn't call it proof,

but I would call it a good sign for us, as we know this pattern all too well.



Kind of related to the post so I'll ask it here...

Does anyone have any update regarding the RNC disqualification of the Massachusetts delegates? We need every delegate we can get.

If I remember correctly I read somewhere that they were going to show up and try to fight it anyways? Correct me If I'm wrong


Front page please!!!!

Ron Paul 2012!!!!Get to Tampa!!!Lets get him nominated!!!

Thank You!!!!!