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Documentary Help Needed- Provide a Voice for Active Duty in Theater, and Non-Interventionism Here at Home

Open letter to the Liberty Movement-

Good day Peacemongers,

I am SSG. Rhys Williams, US Army (Ret.), a disabled veteran with three combat tours under my belt with the 10th Mountain Division Light Infantry as an Infantry Squad Leader, Personal Security Detachment, sniper in northern Iraq, and a paratrooper. I am also an ardent Ron Paul supporter and volunteer and work closely with the numerous Veterans for Ron Paul groups. What I am trying to accomplish is to document active duty and veterans in support of non-interventionism, politically and militarily, with interviews with civilians here in the states and local nationals in countries where America has a dramatic presence. Eric Field told me you guys were talking about getting in to documentary work, Zoe and Scott I believe he said. After a decade of war in Afghanistan and with the upcoming draw down, this would be a major chance to get the idea of non-interventionism and peace out to the masses, especially coming from the troops on the front lines. It would be important to go to Afghanistan and embed with an infantry unit. A lot of guys still in the service can not and will not go against regulations and attend political events, but we see from campaign donations who the military wants for Commander In Chief and why. Circulating a lot lately on Facebook are photos with service members holding up letters over their faces stating their discontent with the wars. This kick started something in the brain... why not get the word from the men on the ground? They may not be able to pull a Jesse Thorsen but they can damn sure talk to me face to face candidly. There has been so much emphasis on supporting the troops throughout the past decade the American public is primed to hear the truth from us. We just need that big eye opener to do it. I haven't been to Afghanistan since 2004, and then there was less than 30,000 troops in theater as opposed to the over 100,000 currently.

On a personal note, I could probably use a little bit of closure by going back, especially with a mission such as this. Getting injured in northern Iraq, medevacd to the states while leaving all of my men behind left me with the feeling of being ripped out of my life with much left undone. Weird. Anyways, my question to you is what main theme or idea to start with, with the expectation of the idea to evolve as real life dictates, since that's what we're documenting. Interview some of the conscientious objectors like that LT from Hawaii, etc. The drone strikes in Waziristan (I've actually crossed in to Pakistan through Waziristan with 17th Group Special Forces and we got in a stand off with the Pakistani army). What about the whole thing based on political and military non-interventionism? Saw on the web the other day about what governments do to other people in other nations eventually do to their own. We see these 5 minute youtube vids and 15 minute decent production quality vids, but nothing that is Earth Shattering, nothing that is a viral Kony 2012 type, which is what we need. So that is what I propose. I have my own camera equipment for stills, but not HD DV Recorder and sound gear or professional production connections. Further, I have sent emails to Nathan Cox of Veterans for Ron Paul and Adam Kokesh and Adam House to pool resources and ideas and connections. I appreciate your time and look forward to hearing from you. theancientalien@yahoo.com rhyswilliams187@yahoo.com 989-317-5928

For Liberty, Rhys Williams