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We've launched http://www.dronespotter.org to keep an eye on the eyes in the sky!
An anonymous submission form is available as well as a map that we will fill as reports come in.
Additionally we will keep an archive of who is using drones and what types are being used.

Seen a drone? Submit a report!

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Good idea but..

it's a huge liability to people reporting. In order to make it the most effective, you'd have to automatically give up your location, along with pics or vids of the drone.

This automatically makes this site subject to suponeas or wiretaps.

Just like you can't flash your lights to warn on coming traffic of speed traps, I'm sure it will be a crime to create a warning network of drones.

While the creator may have good intentions, he'd have no idea if his ISP was served a surveillance warrant, and would be unwillingly giving up identities of patriots.

I like the idea, but anyone using this needs their eyes wide open.

+1 for effort.

Anyone concerned about

Anyone concerned about security on the internet should take the proper precautions. There are many ways to mask your IP address if you wish to be anonymous to any server or website.

Coming to the DP site or any website for that matter, your ip address and other data is being collected and shared with multiple organizations. Verify for your self with the Collusion plugin for FireFox. Most of this is generated as a result of ad networks on the page, but continue to browse the web for a while and see how websites share information.

Providing a location where a drone was spotted would not provide a submitters location only the location of the sighting.

You can obtain information from State and Local law enforcement about their drone programs through information requests and they are required to respond. This site is to catalog use. There is no comparison to flashing lights at a speed trap.

The homeland security can do that to the

Daily Paul at anytime. So what is the difference?

It's time! Rand Paul 2016!

"Truth, Justice, and the American Way!"

Went to the site on my phone.

Went to the site on my phone. Was asked if my current location could be accessed. Not a good website to be asking that question. I quickly said no.

What browser/mobile platform

What browser/mobile platform are you using?
I would recommend disabling the feature on your phone which enables websites to ask for location information. Should be under settings in your browser menu.

I would assume that the Twitter feed on the right is generating this request. I'll have to do a little more digging to be sure tho..

iPhone. I was making a joke.

iPhone. I was making a joke. It asks to use my current location on numerous websites. Not sure why or what it means and even why it's necessary.

The location data is gathered

The location data is gathered either through GPS, Cell Tower Triangulation, or via your internet connection/IP. Websites use this for tracking purposes as well as to provide customized content.

I am pretty sure on the dronespotter site it is due to the twitter feed on the right side. Our site is really basic. As the site gains more content the twitter feed will probably be replaced. (You can follow us on twitter: @dronespotterorg BTW)