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The 4th of July ='s Ron Paul gear from head to toe

This is the time of year when we remember all the men and women who have fought and served for this country, and to be more specific how this Republic came into existence and all the men and women who died to make this possible. Now, in 2012, more than ever we have to think about what our forefathers went through in order to have the freedoms in order to write documents like that of the Constitution, the Bill of Rights, the Declaration of Independence, and the Articles of Confederation.

Our nation was founded on the principles that ALL MEN/WOMEN are created equal and that by obeying this concept which each individual has the ability to express themselves without fear of chastisement as long as what that individual is/was doing is within the law meaning that their rights stop where another individuals rights start. These concepts are not hard to grasp, however over time America has lost its way in terms of allowing the individual the rights to be able to make their own decisions in regards to their own lifestyles. When did this become necessary in the ideals of government and their overreach into the livelihoods of Americans? A better question also rests in why was this brought about in the first place? I believe this is because of not only greed but also for the desire to control people and to make citizens subservient.

No longer will we allow such tyranny, and this is not in any way a form or call to action of violence, but to send a clear message that we stand for those who take their oath to the Constitution seriously. Those who know that America was formed with the ideals of a Republic where there was never any mention of the words 'democracy' or 'income'. Where Americans earned wages and were not forced into paying taxes on their hard earned labor or else! This is not what America was formed to become and not why the Bill of Rights was written in the first place, this was set forth in order to protect the people using the Constitution and its checks and balances in order to form a more perfect union of governance. This was never meant to enslave the people, but to allow the individuals, the states in which they reside in, to decide amongst themselves starting first in their own communities and then which later became known at cities or towns and districts in which representatives were elected to serve as the voice of their areas in which they were to represent. The time has come where once again, like in 1776, that the peoples voice are down out with the tyranny in which oppresses the people in which this very established governing body was set to protect. However with the massive abuse it has become the total opposite and now most citizens are slaves to the very system of debts and government in which we the people were never supposed to be subject to. It is time that we take responsibility not only for our own actions but that of previous generations as well and not sit idle but stand up against such oppression, rule, and peacefully protest tomorrow on one of the most important days of this nation.

This is a CALL TO ACTION for all individuals who support liberty, freedom, and the Constitution to stand up to those who wish to further oppress us and to express how you personally feel the best by wearing Ron Paul gear, Oath Keepers, and whatever you as an individual wish to show publicly and legally (no nudity) in order to openly show the public on such a holiday that we are very much a part of a large movement but most importantly to spread the message of freedom and liberty to others, while showing them that we stand up for those who do not know any better to stand up for themselves. This is a labor of love and something which should not be taken lightly, stand up for all men, women, and children so that one day we, or our sons or daughters to not awake on the very land that our forefathers fought and died for to finally realize that we are no longer free and that this land that was once ours is no longer consider 'ours'. So tomorrow, represent which you love and what many of us would die to protect, but do this with peace and dignity as each individual is a representative and as the old saying goes, "you get money bees with honey than vinegar." The last thing we as individuals should want to do is to turn more people off to the ideals of liberty and freedom, and there is no better time than now to peacefully stand up for what we believe in and express ourselves while we still can.

Happy 4th of July, and may each one of you have a happy, safe, and amazing time on this historic of days. Thank you for reading this article, but what is more important is what you do next, do not just talk amongst ourselves about what needs to be done, go out and do it. Alone we are individuals, however working together we are the future. Ron Paul 2012! For individual and states' rights, and the ability for each individual to make their own conscience decisions not based on law, but based on personal ethics, morals, and value. Go forth and spread the word!

Link to original article with photo which would be great if placed here as well admin, I wrote the article, Chris_Paul:


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there is no obstacle that we cannot accomplish or overcome with unity, peace, and to never give up.

Gonna wear my RP shirt to all

Gonna wear my RP shirt to all the parties, and I plan on pitching my yard sign right next to my chair while I'm at the local parade :)

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