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How to Repeal Seat Belt and Cell Phone Laws in Your State

Laws like these are among the most overlooked, yet most visible laws that must be repealed if we wish to live free on a daily basis. They are poor excuses to extract revenue from(and control)hard working people. Can we work together to advance these issues? It would be nice to post links and information on how to repeal these laws in our individual states.

Heres a good article on seat belt laws: http://www.lewrockwell.com/orig3/holdorf1.html

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Common sense says

When more then one person is in a car, they should both wear belts. To true liberty....when alone, it's up to the driver.



You can't get clean in a dirty bathtub.

That is hardly the point.

That is hardly the point.

Do you own the lives of

Do you own the lives of others? Should we ticket people who work 12 hour shifts or have just ran a marathon/finished working out because their ability to drive is impaired? What about car radios, food, pets, and other people in the car who serve as distractions? Should we ban them too?

I take it you are quite young

I take it you are quite young because your response lacks rationality.

Others do not have the right to endanger anyone but themselves. The real point here is that they do not own me and they do not have the right to endanger me. They don't own others, and have no right to endanger them. If they put kids in the car, they have the responsibility to make sure they ride safely.

If someone who has worked a 12 hour shift drives impaired because of it, then they should be ticketed. They are endangering others. If they are so tired that they are impaired, then sleep it off somewhere before taking to the road. That's what my husband does.

There are laws on the books in most states that if your radio is up so loud that it disturbs others, you can be ticketed. Right on.
If your radio is so loud or your earbuds shut out noises, and you don't here the cop, ambulance, or firetruck, you should be ticketed.

I would suggest a healthy dose of experience and common sense to you.

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Educate, not legislate.

Educate, not legislate.

Maybe it's not cell phones or

Maybe it's not cell phones or seat belts. Maybe it's stupid people.

Why ?

I can see repealing seat belt laws, because if you don't buckle up it doesn't affect me or anyone else for that matter. In this case, you are only a danger to yourself. As far as cell phone usage in an automobile, it is dangerous not only to the driver using a cell phone (texting) but very hazardous to my health (car accidents).
Here I'm talking from experience. Not to long ago, I was stopped in traffic when i got rear ended. The person who hit me was on her cell phone (don't know if she was talking or texting) It doesn't make a difference. The point here is it is a hazardous distraction. Evertime I drive, I see at least one driver with a cell attached to their ear. These are the obvious one's. The texting one's you can't see. There is a limit to living free and living dangerously.......