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Did Saddam Accept Exile To Avert Iraq War? Deleted Reuters Article Says He Did

Did Saddam Accept Exile To Avert Iraq War? Deleted Reuters Article Says He Did

"DUBAI (Reuters) – Deposed Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein had secretly accepted a last-minute plan to go into exile to avert the 2003 Iraq war, but Arab leaders................."

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This interview of Susan Lindauer, former CIA who directly negotiated with Iraq leading up to 9/11 -- they basically were rolling over to please/appease the U.S.


Challenged to a Duel

IMO Sadaam showed honor and love for his country and people.

I had read an arcticle which said to avoid military and citizen deaths Sadaam challenged George Bush to a duel. Just the two of them to settle the countries differences. Also read in another book was this was the way "proper" gentlemen settled disagreements in days past.

If the politicians or thier children had to fight on the front infantry lines of the wars they started we would have no more wars.

+1, for Attention. Bush = Coward.

thanks for posting. Bush & Co., a bunch of criminal cowards, son of a crooked father & grand-father. your last line, so true & beneficial.

Pre-Planned Attack / War on Iraq.

Firstly, it is on record that Iraq was Not involved in 911, was Not an al'Qaida base, had No ability or guts/dare to attack america.
It was already weakened & contained after 2 wars, i.e. the iran - iraq war of 1980 to 1988, and then the 1st gulf-War when U$, UK, 'UN' forces ousted the iraqis from Kuwait. After that it remained under tight sanctions, no-fly-zone, import - export control, all these caused many hundreds of thousand deaths, - till the 'new' war.

the zio-con fabricated excuses, WMDs etc. for the 2nd war. there is a long list of what the war-mongers did, numerous deaths + atrocities -

* Torture & imprisonment of thousands of civilians.
* bombing of urban centers, destroying infra-structure and essential utilities like water, phones, sewerage plants, civilian deaths,
* DU, Depleted Uranium used, many areas are contaminated, even U$ soldiers are affected, thousands of deaths among iraqis, spread of cancer, birth deformities, contamination remains for many years.

* BlackWater mercenary forces used to kill, harass, cause mayhem.

* engineered local conflicts thru bombing different sites, shia versus sunni, arab versus kurd. 'New' govt against the former Baathist. Paid & armed the weird extremist elements who harassed the Nestorians (ancient christian) community, forcing some to migrate, = leaving ancestral homes.

* exporting oil for U$-dollars, = squandered by american viceroy.

+ & + much more ~ ~

Sheesh, give it a rest

Sheesh, give it a rest already. This was soo last decade. :/

those who fail to learn from history

are doomed to repeat it.

Assad has been offered a similar deal if he goes quietly.