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All Pcp's In Oregon Invalidated?

Hi All,
Just saw this on Ben Swann's facebook. Not sure what this means, can anyone explain?


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awesome! Oregon executive meeting is invalid

The Oregon Executive Committee met last Saturday apparently to appoint alternate delegates. But since they did not give 30 days notice for their meeting, the meeting is not valid. They didn't follow their own rules in other words. Par for the course since they didn't follow their own rules when they initiated a shut-down of all of the district meetings the weekend before.

It's a letter to the ORP

That's a letter to the Oregon Republican Party from our side, to be signed by our PCP's. Because the party shut down the conventions before the alternate delegates could be voted on the Executive Committee had a meeting on June 30th and appointed their choices to the alternate delegate positions.

The argument made in this letter is that according to the rules there has to be a 30 day written notice before a meeting for it to be valid. Since there was not, the whole meeting and the appointed alternate delegates are invalid.

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there's those

there's those old outdated, arcane rules again. hahaha I love it!

Those darn Ron Paul people

Always trying to follow the "rules".

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another Oregon rule states

that if any delegate breaks his/her pledge at the national convention (as required to make by the state party bylaws and the actual state laws), the chairman of the Oregon delegation will just report the vote as pledged. In other words, delegates are held to their pledges. Hopefully everyone follows this rule, too.

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I can't explain it...

For sure, they obliterated SOME actions taken by SOME Body - because they claim it did not meet their "Rules"...

And then, right in the middle, the 'MITT ROMNEY OFFICIAL SITE' was right there?

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is cruel to animals.

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