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I had a visit, at my residence, from the USDA.

The USDA came to my house a couple of weeks ago. I have a two and a half acre lot with cattle fencing and a garden out front. They wanted to know what I was growing and how much. They wanted to know how many large and small animals I had, and what kind they were.

I sat down, took a deep breath, and listened as she rattled off her spiel. She said that they needed this information for "educational" purposes. This information was going to go out to the universities and be used for studies.

After she exhausted herself, I was ready to reply in a calm fashion, and had my thoughts gathered. I explained to her that many of the university studies were used for political purposes, and were government funded. Also, that they are given to be done with a particular outcome in mind. I explained to her that she is helping a corrupt government to justify the tyranny that they are enacting on the citizens. I told her about the small farms that are invaded by Monsanto and put out of business via means of GMO patenting and lawsuits. I told her about the food co-ops that are being raided, and having their product destroyed as they get hauled of to jail and ultimately have no charges brought.

She replied, and said that she understood, but she was just doing her job. She added that she is a very conservative person.

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I hope this doesn't come back to bite you.

The proper response to such a visit is to ask to see the warrant. Be adamant (not impolite, but firm). If they continue to press, tell them they are tresspassing, and any further questioning will be considered harassment. Why? Because these bureaucrats are often on a fishing expedition, and as soon as you invite them in or engage in conversation, they are looking for probable cause.

Undo what Wilson did

A friend of mine has a sign

A friend of mine has a sign at his gate that says something to the effect of "no law enforcement or government agency allowed without prior consent". I may have to get one. As we know, government is already spying on people with drones. I have seen satelite picturs of my property, and know what they are capable of there.

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Lately I've begun

Lately I've begun interrogating the interrogators and selling things to the salesmen and have found it to be a lot of fun with the possibility of furthering my agendas.

Example 1: I get a call from a company and the rep. is giving me their sales pitch. I wait calmly and then explain why I'm not interested in the product and then wait for their second attempt. At that point I attempt to sell something to them by giving my best sales pitch. Some days it it is my old sofa which I offer for sale for $100 and other days I do my best to spread the message of liberty.

Example 2: I get a call from somebody who wants to give me a survey. I answer each question and after answering each question I ask my own question to the questioner. An example question may be "What role do you believe our Federal Government should play with regard to health care and health insurance?". If they refuse to respond to my questions then I refuse to answer as well.

I figure those who try to invade my privacy should expect no less than to to be subjected to the same sort of personal treatment. In the end I may convert some people to the message of Dr. Paul or perhaps sell my old sofa that I've been trying to get rid of.

I like it. I am down to a

I like it. I am down to a majic jack and cell phone. I don't get the calls anymore. I used to make it hard on them by bringing phylosophy into each question they asked, and giving a full explanation. I could make a five minute survey into an hour long diatribe.

They May Be Looking For Info To Use Against You In Order To

Start Their Procedures Of Trying To Push You Off Of Your Land. You might want to take a look at the Agenda 21 map and see if by chance your property is in a "Red Zone" which would mean the United Nations has the objective of taking away everyone's property rights in these areas. If not, you still may be considered as living in a "sprawl" area (suburb) that Agenda 21 also aims at eliminating as "unsustainable" or supposedly (according to their biased research) not in harmony with the planet.

By asking you questions and getting info, they are learning what areas they can concentrate on in order to achieve their objectives to start trouble with you. Next thing you know you'll be starting to receive threatening letters in the mail saying you are in violation of some "sustainable development" type community adopted (Agenda 21) ordinance. They may also be likely to continue these types of visits to spy on you. You also may want to start looking out for drones.

And, if you don't already have one, it's probably time to get a shotgun. You might want to let them know that "just doing (their) job" can be fatal when you shoot at what you may see coming onto your property and you just say you heard "a noise", went outside to "investigate", and then you were "surprised" and reacted to a "suddenly discovered intruder" for "fear of your life". If you are in a "duty to retreat" state, you definitely wouldn't want to say you "heard a person" since the court could interpret that as you knowing it was a person versus just "hearing a noise" and not knowing what you might encounter. This may help to protect you from laws that say you have a "duty to retreat" from anyone who invades your property if you are not in a "stand your ground" state. This moreso enables you to shoot first and ask questions later with more protection under the law if you were to end up in court. Also, if you somehow find yourself in court, remember to demand a "trial by jury" and encourage your lawyer to inform them about "jury nullification":

"Jury nullification, in which jurors refuse to convict defendants under laws they find objectionable or inappropriately applied, is a favored tactic of many libertarians who, rightly or wrongly perceive individual liberty as, at best, a minority taste among their neighbors. They like the idea of a tool that can be wielded on the spot to shield people from powerful control freaks without first having to win a popularity contest. But nullification is useful only if people know about..." http://www.dailypaul.com/242800/jury-nullification-passed-in...

-LibertyG ... 2 Corinthians 2:16-17 "To some we are a scent of death leading to death, but to others, a scent of life leading to life. And who is competent for this? For we are not like the many who make a trade(for profit) but as those with sincerity...

I have been aware of agenda

I have been aware of agenda 21 for some time, and I fully expect the area where I live to be targeted. I live in a small farming area, and with residences that have five acre minimums. Some are smaller, such as mine, but were divided before the minimum took effect.

I will not give in to their tyranny.

Id kike to attend a

Id kike to attend a university again, just to see what kind of garbage theyre churning out these days. Now that im awake, id probably enjoy giving the professors a run for their money.

anyway, be careful now regarding your land. they now obviously have you on their radar.
and seriously, its not their business. i wouldnt give them any info whatsoever.

She asked my if I would give

She asked my if I would give her my first name, because all she had was my last name. I said no. I told her that her employers could easily obtain it if they want to.

Great stuff

Just please don't describe yourself as a resident or your home as a residence. If you don't know why, start looking into Agenda 21 legal terminology.

I am learning that there are

I am learning that there are many "terms" that should be avoided. I spoke to a guy today who is establishing himself in court as a "people". I still have to look into what it is all about, but it has to do with the fact that a "citizen" is a corporate term.

Good response on your part

Lame response to yours by her.



You can't get clean in a dirty bathtub.

That is the kind of thing

That is the kind of thing that makes me cringe. These people actually believe that they are conservative, and have no clue. All I could do is plant a seed.

A year ago

One year ago I wouldn't have thought anything about your visit. Now events like this make the hair on my neck stand up.

Blue Republican

I have known about these

I have known about these things for some time, but it is another thing when they actually show up to your door.

Did you give her the

Did you give her the information? If not, how did she respond?

RON PAUL 2012 * Restore America * Bring The Troops Home

I did not. Luckily, there

I did not. Luckily, there were no animals in her field of view. I simply informed her that I will not help a criminal organization.

I'm just doing my job.

What a putz.

When a true genius appears in the world, you may know him by this sign: that the dunces are all in confederacy against him. ~J. Swift

what state are you in, if you

don't mind saying?

I am in Oregon. My family has

I am in Oregon. My family has a small farm in the neighborhood. They have been farming since the twenties. I try to make use of my property, and don't take kindly to government getting involved.

thanks for posting and replying with your state.

That is interesting. I will pass it on to my farmer friend in Oregon.

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I appreciate your sharing the visit AND

your comments TO HER!

We may all have reason to respond to someone about something in our personal lives questioned by our gummint.

Susie 4 Liberty

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