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A perfect example of why Ron Paul does not do well in Tennessee

Dr. Paul has never fared too well in Tennessee, and in the Conservative South one might wonder why. My theory is the statist public school system where lazy teachers do not care about truth and stick to government approved curriculum to the letter. The following article is about law enforcement creating a new law on the fly to increase revenue knowing that the tactics will violate the constitution the people trapped in their new law will pay a heavy price fighting this in court, and the majority have no idea that their rights are being violated. The proof of what I say is in the comments section as the sheep discuss how law enforcement should be able to violate the constitution to ensure public safety, forgetting that the road to Hell is paved in good intention. Your thoughts on this:


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When I was in school in the southern "red states" in the...

50s and 60s the "anti-communist movement" was extremely popular. However, most of the most intelligent kids (myself, sadly, not included) were ready Ayn Rand. Most of us who made it through the drug years were hardened against the libertarian movement. However, since "morality" and "honor" are "guiding lights" for the majority of Southerners, had the Paul campaign promoted Ron Paul's foreign policy instead of running from it, Southerners would have marched behind us.

they are getting a warrent

and they dont appear to be stopping all traffic and checking everybody, so whats your problem? Reckless endangerment should be against the law.

They will get a 'blanket' search warrant, which is like

Obama's Exec. Order, both are unconstitutional. The Judge doesn't have this power under the 'law', but since so many people are willing to bow to the 'police state' they will let it continue. The real reason people of Tennessee are so welcome to the 'police state' is they have been brainwashed by the Goebells propagandist misdirection campaign used by the radio-cons and Faux News. If we are to change the course to Liberty for All, we are going to have to target and expose the radio-cons lies they are pushing to disable those who would be Patriots to the Republic.