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Drew Ivers, PhD Named Ron Paul Iowa State Chairperson

Paul campaign: Purple Heart recipient, Christian organizer, veteran Republican activist joins Ron Paul 2008

CONTACT: Paul Dorr
(888) 828-PAUL

DES MOINES, IOWA – Drew Ivers, PhD (Iowa State), has been named the Iowa Campaign Chairman for Ron Paul 2008. Dr. Ivers brings a wealth of conservative political and leadership experience to the Paul campaign.

Dr. Ivers is a genetics scholar trained in the Iowa educational system and a Purple Heart honoree for his service in Vietnam. He has been an Iowa Republican party activist for 30 years and is a four-time Republican National Convention delegate. Dr. Ivers is also a two-time Republican State Central Committee member and served on many Iowa campaigns including those of Roger Jepsen, Terry Branstad, Chuck Grassley, and Ronald Reagan. He served as Iowa State Campaign Chairman for Pat Buchanan in 1996 and 2000 and Pat Robertson in 1988 which also led to the creation of the initial Christian Coalition of Iowa (now known as the Iowa Christian Alliance).

“Drew Ivers’ success as Iowa Chairman in three widely-watched Presidential campaigns makes him the perfect choice to help communicate to Iowans that Dr. Paul is staunchly pro-life, pro-taxpayer and a champion of liberty and the Constitution,” said national campaign manager Lew Moore.

“The other Republican candidates are good men," said Dr. Ivers, "but when it comes to a record of fidelity to the Constitutional principles of “Limited Government”, they are still all students compared to Ron Paul. And with 65-70 percent of Americans polled now opposing the War in Iraq, if the Republicans nominate a pro-war Republican they may just as well hand the White House over to Hillary Clinton."

“I relish the thought of a series of national debates between Mrs. Clinton and Dr. Paul and will be pouring my energy into helping Iowa Republicans see the power of his nomination,” continued Ivers.

Dr. Ivers joins Paul Dorr, Iowa Field Director, of Ocheyedan and a host of passionate volunteers in Ron Paul’s campaign.

Interested Iowans can contact the Ron Paul 2008 Iowa campaign office at (515) 244-3042 or drew.ivers@ronpaul2008.com for more information.

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Thats great news. Iowa is

Thats great news. Iowa is the first test. Everyone (every state) must try and become delegates at the precinct level after you vote in the primaries. Plan ahead and have your group of voters ready to join you at the precinct meeting after you vote. Majority vote elects the delegates to go to the county convention.

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