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Happy "throw off the shackles of oppressive government" day!

Liberty lovers, today is a day of celebration! Today marks the anniversary of the day when a courageous group of men came together to approve and sign a declaration of freedom from the oppressive government of their day.

Under what they knew to be a surefire penalty of death were they to be caught and prosecuted by their oppressors, these brave men signed their names under the brilliant prose of a Virginia farmer, Thomas Jefferson, and declared their God given rights. The 2nd paragraph of that declaration should still bring tears to the eyes of every lover of liberty...

WE hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness...

The document went on to proclaim that the only legitimate cause for the existence of government is to secure these rights, and that when government "becomes destructive of these ends" it is the right of people to "alter or abolish it".

Today we find ourselves in similar circumstances to our forefathers, but ironically, today it is the government that many of those signers put into place a few years later that is the oppressor. Still, do any among us doubt that most of the men who created that government would today be working with us to "alter or abolish it" for the very reasons enunciated in that document to which they signed their names 236 years ago?

For most of my life I was confused about the meaning of this holiday, but today, as I reflect upon it's meaning, I have decided to gather my flag from it's location in my garage (I've been too angry to display it for years), fold it, and put it in a trunk.

One day I hope to be able to take a great grandchild to that trunk, pull out that flag and say; "Many years ago I displayed, even saluted this very flag, but that was before I realized that it was the symbol of a very bad and oppressive government. I took it down, and later placed it here, but today I can proudly display it again, thanks to the people who woke up, thanks to the people who listened to great patriots like Congressman Ron Paul, and demanded that the government stop it's illegitimate activities, and altered the bad government into one that can once again be respected."

So as you go about your day, don't forget what the day commemorates. Today is most assuredly NOT a celebration of government, not even of "constitutional" government, as some would have you believe. Today IS a celebration of the human right of freedom, and of the right of people to "alter or abolish" oppressive government.

Long live the cause of liberty!

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it's hard to be awake; it's easier to dream--

Happy Independence Day!


Hendrix's psychedelic rendition of the U.S. national anthem, "The Star-Spangled Banner" occurred about 3/4 into their set (after which he morphed into "Purple Haze"). The song had actually been part of his set for a year and he had already performed it on at least three different occasions. During the number, Hendrix used feedback and sustain on his guitar to recreate the sound of wails and falling rockets. Although pundits quickly branded the song as a political manifesto against the Vietnam War, Hendrix himself never explained its meaning other than to say at a press conference three weeks later, "We're all Americans. . .it was like 'Go America!'. . .We play it the way the air is in America today. The air is slightly static, see." The song would become part of the sixties...captured forever in the Woodstock film; Hendrix's image performing this number during the day wearing a blue-beaded white leather jacket with fringe and a red head scarf, has since been regarded as a defining moment of the 1960s.

"I, __________, do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic."


There is no duration defined in the Oath

Happy Secession Day! July 4,

Happy Secession Day!
July 4, 1776.

Let it not be said that we did nothing.-Ron Paul
Stand up for what you believe in, even if you stand alone.-Sophia Magdalena Scholl