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(Video) San Jose Police Attempt To Raid Garage Sale, Get Kicked To The Curb

(Video) San Jose Police Attempt To Raid garage Sale, Get Kicked To The Curb

Fourth Amendment violation caught on tape

Paul Joseph Watson
Wednesday, July 4, 2012

This report was of special interest to me since i was born and raised in San Jose. Matter of fact I grew up and went to high school with several police officers who have since retired with honor. The female officer in this video appears to be one who works the minor league baseball games, many of which I attend at San Jose Municipal Stadium.

Additionally, this is a bit embarassing, since San Jose has always had an outstanding law enforecemnt record. Many of you have seen and heard of Joseph P. McNamamra, our Chief of Police during the late 70's and early 80's. I actually met him once in a nearby liquor store, next to the family business. He earned a Phd, wrote a book on his experience in law enforcement and had worked the streets harlem before being selected as our Chief of Police.

San Jose police who violated the Fourth Amendment in attempting to interfere in a garage sale held on private property were kicked to the curb by informed citizens who stood up for their rights.

The incident occurred this past weekend at a garage sale where the family involved were selling replica BB guns.

The clip shows a police officer walk onto private property and begin handling the Airsoft guns while claiming he had received a report that the family were selling real guns. Two other police officers are also on the scene as the officer – Tom Tiphayachan shouts, “stand back, somebody called and said you were selling real guns.”

Pointing at one of the family members and saying, “I know who you are,” the cop claims he has the right to handle private property without a warrant.

More: http://www.infowars.com/police-attempt-to-raid-garage-sale-g...

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How in the hell does the

How in the hell does the fourth amendment apply to something being sold to the general public in broad daylight?

I HATE the San Jose P.D.! (My Experience)

While working as a college student in San Jose I would frequently have to work night shifts in order to pay for my education. One night after having a particularly late evening at work, I was driving home only to discover that all access to my home had been cut off. Circling the neighborhood for close to 20 minutes I discovered that every exit/entry had be closed with roadblocks. Apparently, the P.D. believed they had to the right to close down my block in preparation for Mardi Gras and close it to ALL traffic.

At one of the road blocks, I called out to an officer and asked if I could get by to drive to my house. He immediately assumed an attitude of annoyance and became agitated. Lights were shined in my eyes essentially blinding me and a stern voice stated (not even a question) "Show me some ID!"

I was still in my uniform from work and I was confused why the officer was being so rude. Mardi Gras wasn't even for another 12 hours after all! In the end I showed them my driver's license and the officer glared at me as a drove throw an opening made in the roadblock.

On that night, my respect for the police took a massive hit and I began to question whether they were truly here to serve and protect, or merely fulfill their machismo quota for the day.

Screw the SJPD.

"Liberty's too precious a thing to be buried in books...Men should hold it up in front of them every single day of their lives and say: 'I'm free to think and to speak. My ancestors couldn't. I can. And my children will."

-Jimmy Stewart


each state different? In N.H. you can sell a gun at a yard sale. Just not pistols. So what right did they have to come anyway if they WERE selling guns?