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Join The Effort To Hold Right To Life Accountable To Its Position

Dear My Fellow Daily Paul Revolutionaries,

As many of you know, recent evidence has emerged that links Mitt Romney to investments and profits from investments in the medical waste company Stericycle, which is a target of Pro-Life, Right To Life Groups across America for disposing of aborted fetuses. Meanwhile, National and Statewide Right To Life groups have been eerily quiet concerning this evidence. Since, as supporters of Ron Paul, many of us are Pro-Life and active in the Right To Life Movement, we have a right, and a duty, to demand that these Pro-Life groups release official statements regarding Romney's involvement in Stericycle investments. While we may not be able to hold our own politician's accountable, we may be able to do the next best thing by demanding that these Pro-Life groups make public responses.

This tread is intended to compile the contact information of those within the Right To Life groups who are responsible for releasing official statements. It is then our responsibility to contact these representatives and demand that they release official statements, making public their responses to Mitt Romney's Stericycle investments.

This is not a call to request that these Pro-Life groups endorse Ron Paul instead. Do not even mention Ron Paul when you contact these groups. Simply, and politely, through email or telephone, request that these groups put on record their position regarding Mitt Romney's investments in Stericycle.

Please look up your state's Right To Life representative, and put their contact in the comments below. I will then add those contacts to the official thread.

I hope you are with me.

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I agree....

Romney is not trustworthy. It's not just his pandering to whatever audience is listening, changing positions so as to tell people what they want to hear. That's dishonest enough.

But then when you get into his past with Bain Capital, that becomes a much more serious ethical problem, maybe even a legal problem.

He claimed he left Bain Capital in 1999. But SEC filings show he was President, CEO, and sole stockholder during all that year, 2000, 2001, and even 2002.

He hinted at this when running for Massachusetts governor and was accused of being away from Massachusetts for his stint at the Olympics. His response was to say that he was just on "leave of absence" but still attending meetings and participating in the business. He was, in other words, still legally in charge - just as the SEC filings demonstrate.

Now he tries to distance himself from plant closings, retirement fund raids, all the economic disasters Bain brought to virtually every state in the union. Anything that happened after 1999, he wasn't to blame because he was long gone. So he's been saying.

I think he should be called into the Senate and asked which version is the truth. Would he say under oath that he left Bain in 1999? If so, the SEC filings are fraudulent and expose him to criminal penalty. If he admits that he was at Bain, he's in no trouble legally, but he has to be held accountable for the mischief he caused at Bain.

He can't be allowed to get away with this.

Although I am more pro-choice

than Ron Paul, I cannot for the life of me figure out how pro-life voters can put blinders on regarding Romney. This man literally does not stand for anything. I can disagree with Ron Paul on a couple of issues but still support him because he isn't lying to me about where he stands, and I believe honesty will guide his policy-making while he is in office. Pro-lifers supporting Romney because he "sounds Christian?" What planet are these guys living on?

I haven't given up, Ron. Just the thought of you giving a 15 minute speech at the RNC sends chills up my spine.

Here is what contact info I was able to glean from web search:

Right to life of Montana
(406) 443-0827


Unfortunately, most activists won't pay attention to Romney's Bain Capital creation (Stericycle) and it's role in servicing abortion clinics. Too many of their "leaders" are less into the life cause they profess than they are the Republican party. Imagine if they'd had one even dubious connection of the sort that they could plaster Obama with. So why the silence about Bain and Mitt?

They are party Republicans first. Not for life, not for liberty, not for principle.

Looks Like Today Is A Day Of Words

But not action. Everyone is blowing off steam about Romney, not actually doing anything about it.