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Eugenicist Melinda Gates: stop the poor from reproducing

New York, NY (CFAM/LifeNews) — Love him or hate him, Stephen Colbert doesn’t waste time getting to the point. In last Thursday’s interviewwith Melinda Gates on the Colbert Report, he asked Melinda about her newest initiative and cut straight to the chase: the new population control movement exists to save lives by erasing lives.

Colbert: “But now you’ve got a new charitable hobby horse you’re on, and it’s not necessarily saving people’s lives, so much as it’s stopping people’s lives from existing. You want to provide family planning to 120 million men and women around the world.”

Melinda Gates: “Right.”

The old population control movement existed for more or less the same reason, to eradicate poverty by eradicating the poor. In fact, the only major difference between the two movements is one of semantics. Today’s newest generation of population control proponents are still billionaires.......


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Somebody's gotta make me a

Somebody's gotta make me a damn sammich!

Yes, that might be the problem

Power and control

A woman who can think for

A woman who can think for herself... Now that's dangerous!

A woman who can think for herself

might be dangerous to a man who has always thought of woman as his property, sex slave, and servant.

Yeah but in all honesty, if

Yeah but in all honesty, if you made me a sandwich, I'd spank your ass.

Lettuce and tomato please!

What kind of an asshole downvotes a woman for not wanting to be a slave?

The scientific community

The scientific community agrees that the long term sustainable carrying capacity of the earth is 2 billion people, with an ideal 500 million for a universal high standard of living. We're currently at 7 billion.

Something needs to be done about this coming crisis, and I've suggested a few solutions:

1) Undermining and ultimately eradicating religion (especially Islam and Christianity) by depoliticizing it and recognizing it as a bona fide mental illness.
2) Expanding the federal state to encompass the globe, as it would be ineffective if not applied universally.
3) Mandatory sex education curriculum in schools.
4) Government subsidized birth control, including abortion.
5) Social engineering and promotion of abortion as an acceptable last resort.
6) Free college education to all persons regardless of gender or age.
7) Life imprisonment for domestic violence offenders.
8) Parental licensing and a global one child policy, with mandatory psychiatric evaluations for both.
9) Allowing minors to obtain abortions and birth control without parental consent.
10) Sterilization incentives for persons who've already had children.

These are only the beginning, but they provide an excellent foundation for averting the coming crisis.

reedr3v's picture

The "scientific community" has failed

repeatedly to render objective conclusions on anything touching politics and society. Global Cooling, then Warming, the Change -- each one accompanied by Panic! The Population Bomb is another that reveals their unawareness of market solutions and forces.

Ordinary people have at least as much rational capacity of the aggregate scientific community; people have fewer children when that makes sense for survival. No need ever for authoritarian coercion.

Why do you come to this forum? Why not some Progressive central planning forum?

And what's your solution,

And what's your solution, aside from "duh, let the fwee market handle it?"

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Unlike all the authoritarian Planners

in the world today, I don't have to come up with THE solution for everyone. I actually have some trust that freed individuals can think and process problems and arrive at mostly sensible solutions, as in open source problem-solving and spontaneous cooperation and organization.

I don't care a twit about the human species surviving if it means living as slave worker bees controlled and farmed by a global Central Authority.

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If something needs to be done

to reduce the human population, you can set the ultimate example for the rest of us and avoid being labeled a hypocrite by departing this planet at your earliest possible convenience.

Ron Paul - Honorary Founding Father

But the moon colony is a

But the moon colony is a Republican idea!

Pure doomsday garbage.

"The scientific community agrees that the long term sustainable carrying capacity of the earth is 2 billion people, with an ideal 500 million for a universal high standard of living."

Bullshit! Such Malthusian doomsayers have been dis-proven time and time again. There is no such agreement. Anyone interested in the facts can google the Julian Simon - Paul Ehrlich wager. Julian Simon won by predicting that we were not running out of resources and that the long term trends are less scarcity of resources and reduced costs of those resources.

So are you saying the planet

So are you saying the planet could support an infinite number of people, or merely disputing the 2 billion figure?

I can't wait to read this convoluted bullshit answer...

Are you unfamiliar with

Are you unfamiliar with Malthus and Ehrlich? Are you unfamiliar with Julian Simon? You really should know at least a little about the history of the issue you seem to be so certain about. You talk about bullshit? You are the one who replied to my post with nothing but an absurdity.

You are not the first to proclaim the world full and you will not be the last. You are just one in a long line of people who have been more than willing to say the sky is falling and use it justify a long litany of cures that always involve government force. It hasn't fallen yet and no indications it will fall any time soon.

Totally unfamiliar.. they

Totally unfamiliar.. they haven't invited me to the Club of Rome.


Well, as long as the "scientific community agrees"....
Never waste a good "crisis", right?

Well I haven't seen any

Well I haven't seen any published recommendations by the Supreme Council of Rednecks and Hillbillies for Jesus, so I'll just have to go with the scientists until the real answers are available.

You are certainly

consistent in your lust to force people to live according to some strange utopian scheme based on the dubious "science" of those feeding on the govtit. Just gotta make things "better", whether we want it or not, right? And your schemes to keep people in line, force them to live according to your agenda all will be carried out by other humans who would never stoop to abusing their power over their fellow humans.
There is no crisis free market economics cannot manage. There is no crisis the state can manage at all.

Oh hell yeah!

Oh hell yeah!

So what's your deal?

Just trolling the DP? Playing devils advocate? Are you Ev or Dave?

A little of both. There's

A little of both. There's also a strong contingent of belief in what I say too.

You do realize

the "science" and "scientists" and state agents you promote as being all knowing and able to solve all the problems of they world (which they invent and define) are just as flawed and subject to stupidity, greed, power lust and deceit as the average Jesus hillbilly? THat worshipping these people and their usually flawed and biased data is even more irrational than belief in a supernatural God? The economic and political model you promote is a proven failure and morally bankrupt as well. You don't see that? Or are you thinking that with absolute global domination and surveillance the model will work? If so, to what end? Will culling millions of nonbelievers in the state-god result in utopia? It didn't on the smaller scale.

what crisis?

which agreement are you referring to? care to discuss the facts? to provide evidence to substantiate your claims?

what you are doing is serving as a mouthpiece for eugenicists who use the problem-reaction-solution dialectic to move their agenda forward.

the coming 'crisis' is a contrived one used to instil fear on the people so they go ahead with the agenda for planetary control of resources (aka agenda 21).


now I feel stupid for responding to a self-defined troll. as someone else told you before: go thank you mother for not aborting you like you advocate women do.

When you're texting through a

When you're texting through a school zone at 70 mph, do the police disappear if you cover your eyes?

Euhm.. she's gonna hand out

Euhm.. she's gonna hand out condoms and the like in Africa and Asia to people who want them. What's the big deal?

Americans have become panic-addicts

why is your response so naive?

do you really believe that's all there is to it?

do yourself a favor and do some research on what their foundation has been doing around the world.

PS. Not an American...

I certainly don't get behind

I certainly don't get behind any of that agenda 21 nonsense where we're supposedly being slowly killed off by Teh Rich, if that's what you mean by naive?

agenda 21 is not the issue here

what I mean by naive is that you tried to reduce the Gates Foundation initiatives to 'handing out condoms in Africa - what's the big deal?'. Pretty clear you if go back and read your comment.

My suggestion is you research what this foundation has actually been doing. That'll make it pretty clear why your comment was naive.



I think Bill and Melinda have been welcomed in

by the NWO schemers who speak disparagingly about the rights of "eaters" to take up space and resources on the planet.

You and I might consider "eaters" to be those feeding at the public trough, but just where the PTB draw the line between the worthless and the worthwhile has not been clearly established. Is it at $10-billion personal worth, $50-billion, what?

New Hampshire and Ecuador.