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PoliceState: Taser Int'l's AXON & Evidence.com Per Monthly Fee Centralized Cloud Evidence Storage

They already boldly lie on their own dashcams; until the citizenry wakes up to their own natural riots, and juries become fully informed, this tech will only help further seal the fate of Amerika as the leading model of a 1984 full time 24/7 Police State PanOpicon.



Worst part?

We're all gonna be paying for this.

Until Taser Int'l becomes a company that equally offers the same tech commercially, they're always going to be a corporatist entity. Then again, the same tech already does exist commercially from other companies designed specifically for the task, or iPhone or Droid based apps with off the shelf components. So, there' already a counter-tech parity. That said, watching a company like Taser Int'l fully drive a portion of the policestate, is still disconcerting, especially when their products like Tasers do have benefits when properly deployed by the citizenry as an option, especially when NOT escalating to lethal defense as the only choice is always preferred, for most with a moral compass.

Also this may further set legally fictitious rationale to confiscate all videos from everyone and anyone as "evidence" (as if they don't do this already) as they deploy 24/7 patrol cams; they assume 'everything is evidence,' thus any eyewitness video, they're going to want to steal so as to more easily control the police state's side of the story.

The fate of Stockton and Maywood, CA cannot come soon enough to ALL statist policestate municipalities.

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American Christians should be

American Christians should be praying that God will deliver us from our government and all it's brutal agents.