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Washington State, This Man Is Worthy of Your Support

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Do you agree

Do you agree with everything this man says? He is right on with the federal reserve in my mind but in other areas I do not (although I used to)agree with him.

Recently I was sitting across the table from a homosexual whose art depicted his lifestyle. There was a time in my life where my righteous indignation would have controlled my every word. As I sat there looking at this man I thought of Ron Paul and the freedom he has helped bring to my life. This man deserved freedom as much as I did. The table in front of us was level. It reminded me that every time I dealt with a level playing field my natural law/God in Christ in me/deep heart connected with others in a positive live-giving (and often life-changing way). When you tip the table one way or another, you are relying on manipulation of the system to win your argument. What has destroyed many of us is the unfair advantage given to those who would destroy us... When we want to rig the system against those we don't agree with, we give them the authority to do the same to us.

The meek will inherit the earth..not the self-righteous

Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere. Martin Luther King Jr.