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Right To Life Doesn't Care That Romney Invested In Stericycle. Why Should We Think It Matters?

The Daily Paul seems to think that Romney's Stericycle investments will have some major negative impact on Romney's campaign, and everyone is celebrating. This is wishful thinking. Here is an article to show no one cares:


Now, if you would like to potentially change whether this matters, try contacting your National Right To Life, or your Statewide Right To Life and demand that they release an official response to Mitt Romney's Stericycle Investments. If we hold Right To Life accountable to its positions, some states might defect from National and release statements censuring Mitt Romney. This is the kind of pressure we need to put on republicans to capitulate. Otherwise, it will be swept under the rug.

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IT doesn't matter...plain and

IT doesn't matter...plain and simple. There is nothing wrong with what Stericycle does.

If Stericycle didn't exist, there wouldn't be even ONE fewer abortion performed in the last 15 years.


This post has been hi-jacked.

Sad...sorry OP. Try not to engage...it's not worth it...it's a heart issue and can't be won with only words.

The law cannot make a wicked person virtuous…God’s grace alone can accomplish such a thing.
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Setting a good example is a far better way to spread ideals than through force of arms. Ron Paul

Stericycle primarily deals

Stericycle primarily deals with medical waste disposal, abortions just happen to be a small part of their business.

Would you rather those fetuses be tossed in the trash with the coffee cups and bubble gum?

Have you been researching this issue at all?

Stericycle has been a target of anti-abortionists primarily because they deal with fetus disposal at all. The point is not whether we agree or disagree with Stericycle's business, but that we demand RTL hold true to its position on Stericycle, and not allow the Romney campaign, or RTL, to sweep this issue under the rug. Unless, of course, you would like this potential bombshell to be ignored.

Many anti-abortion groups are

Many anti-abortion groups are fucking WACKOS worse than PETA and Greenpeace put together.

The fact of the matter is....Stericycle existence hasn't led to even ONE more abortion occurring. Not one.

99.9999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999% of the voters (even those against abortion) don't give a a fuck. And many, many more are HAPPY that a company like Stericycle exists.

Someone has to dispose of the

Someone has to dispose of the fetuses.

Therefore RTL must endorse

a candidate that invested in fetus disposal. I get your reasoning now.

Would you rather they endorse

Would you rather they endorse someone who lets them sit in the corner stinking up the place?

My Bad

Should have checked your profile. You're an Obama supporter. And a Romney supporter from the sound of it. You're just establishment all around, aren't you?

Thanks for keeping my post bumped, though ;)

Establishment as opposed to

Establishment as opposed to what? Armchair experts who sit around and bitch all day without ever actually accomplishing anything?

Those "elites" have proven themselves. What the hell have you done? (Beating the record time at the drive-thru doesn't count)

They have proven themselves, alright...

to have successfully perverted the democratic process. While you, meanwhile, have proven yourself to follow anything that moves.

As opposed to what, following

As opposed to what, following something that spends all day drooping over an armchair?

What is it that you do?

other than Troll all day.

It's too hot to go golfing

It's too hot to go golfing and the boat is being reconditioned because of all the damned barnacles.


You actually feel the need to defend yourself. Your country club friends must think you're such a tool.

When will people realize

that abortion is being used as a political wedge tool.
Abortion won't be stopped by any establishment candidates.

There are sooo many single issue pro-life voters the GOP would lose, if they ever managed to get some sort of permanent ban on abortion passed.

Same goes for the pro-choice single issue voters, scared of what a pro-life president would do.
Bush had a pro-life congress and he was supposedly pro-life. We still have abortion.

Without the abortion wedge, the electorate would change quite a bit.

We will always have abortion,

We will always have abortion, and rightfully so. Just because a woman makes a mistake and sleeps with an abusive toothless hillbilly doesn't mean she should be forced to breed him.

Abortion is a woman's most effective tool in improving the species!

I am

totally against abortion (murder) and am even thankful that your mother must have thought that also as you should be also. Now go thank your mother.

Who cares what you're

Who cares what you're against? It's none of your damn business!

Is this your excuse for not taking action?


Just venting frustration.

Republicans and the Hannity/Red State people, so easily tricked into voting for someone who doesn't share their views, or have any real views for that matter.