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Here's My Presidential Campaign Stance and Plan

So, I'm kind of losing faith again in every single option (Paul had better run 3rd party this year).

If I were president of the USA I would:

1. Cut off all aid to every other country.

2. Eliminate the DHS, ATF, DEA, FED, DOD, FBI, DOE, etc.

3. Immediately remove the United States from NATO, the United Nations and NAFTA (and all other "free trade agreements).

4. Levy a 3% Tariff on international goods.

5. Immediately ground all geoengineering/ weather modification or other aerial spraying programs, and tell the public what has been done so far.

6. Start a national audit of regarding the militarization of police forces of their units and guidelines regarding posse comitatus. Get rid of "military" equipment that has been unlawfully aquired by police.
6.5 Start an audit of the Pentagon to find out where the 2.3 trillion dollars lost 9/10/01 went, and trials for Rumsfeld et al. if no answer given.

7. Start a program to house homeless Americans using a government land give away program converting unused government land (military, underutilized state or national park space) to plots for homeless and or disadvantaged individuals. This will be done evenly across the country, so as not to cause the homeless to "invade" one given area taking advantages of these services- Every state must audit the homeless population, and will be given land accordingly. These new "dignity villages" should be near water and arable land ideally.

8. Create a national system of voting which can be verified and viewed online if one wishes, or available from a Library. Such a system could be as simple as every time you vote, a generated "voter code", which can be verified online, and every single voter can make sure their voter code corresponds to their vote.

9. Remove checkpoints within US borders, and remove the network of security cameras which has been created on our highway system.

10. Make public schools optional.

11. Legalize drugs.

12. Start a Civilian Conservation Corp type program for underemployed Americans to help create work and clean up the country.

I think that should have us out of the red, and on a good track.

What do y'all think?

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I like most of your ideas

You'll probably get heat for #7.
Especially because it is on federal land, no states could steal property taxes from these parcels.
If they are allowed to use state and local services, that could further force cities into bankruptcy.

These lands would need to be put under state jurisdiction.

The best situation for the homeless , in your plan, would be for the church or some sort of charity to own and run these "dignity villages".

Having a federally managed neighborhood is not the best solution.

Almost forgot #3
I would support no new trade agreements,
but not ending the ones we already have.