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Help Iowa Delegates get to Tampa

[Disclaimer: This is my first time posting anything other than a comment. I've checked and rechecked forum etiquette to be sure what I am posting is within those bounds, but I'm still not entirely clear what would constitute advertising or spam. You have my sincere apology if this post is an abuse of these forums; I respect the rules of this website and I hope I am acting within them.]

Liberty Iowa is holding a moneybomb today for our liberty delegates headed to the national convention. Donations given today will be used to assist those delegates we fought so hard to elect.

I've heard a few different estimates thrown out, but it is my understanding that the absolute lowest amount you could spend to be in Tampa as a national delegate is over $2,000. The hotel room alone (and you do have to stay with your delegation) is $289 a night (if I remember correctly, this was the information our delegates were given the day of our state convention). Of course there is also the cost of transportation to Tampa, and you do have to eat while you're there...

Our national delegates from Iowa are some pretty amazing people. They are well-spoken, hard-working, dedicated to the cause, and in my opinion, pretty brave to do this. One of them is currently running for the Iowa senate; it would be great if he could save this money for that campaign so we can elect one more true constitutional conservative to our state senate!

I know people are always asking for your money, and I respect a person for having a healthy skepticism of organizations they aren't familiar with. I'm not here to push Liberty Iowa on you, but I want to do everything I can to convince you that the group is trustworthy and it is worth supporting these delegates. Liberty Iowa is a fairly new PAC, but those who established it and work for it have been fighting for liberty for a long time-- a great deal of the success we saw at the district and state conventions in Iowa was due to the hard work and organization of their staff and volunteers. They will continue to work to support our delegates through the national convention. And again, money given today does not go to Liberty Iowa, but to the national delegates.

So if you would like to support liberty delegates to the national convention, please consider this moneybomb. Also, I suggested they do this instead of a traditional fundraiser, so if it doesn't work I'll look like a doofus... ;)

Thanks! And again, I hope I am not out of line.

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Best use of our MONEY, I would say :-)

Thanks for posting, Gracie.

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Welcome to the Daily Paul - Please be sure to follow FEC rules

I checked out your website and I'm concerned that you don't seem to understand the laws regarding raising funds for Delegates.

The Federal Election Commission has a pretty detailed publication online here: http://www.fec.gov/pages/brochures/delegate.shtml

Now, I'm not a lawyer, nor do I work for the FEC. But it seems that your PAC is now acting as a "Delegate Committee" according to the FEC's Rules for National Convention Delegates. "Delegate Committees" have to have the word "Delegate" in their name, and they can't accept campaign contributions from just anyone. Your PayPal form does not have any disclaimers or warnings about prohibited donations from labor unions, federal contractors, corporations or foreign nationals.

I know the contribution rules are different for PACs than for Delegate Committees. Perhaps you aren't aware of that? You may want to call the FEC tomorrow at (800) 424-9530 or (202) 694-1100 to be sure you're going about this the right way.

Here's an excerpt from the FEC rules:

May Delegates Join Together to Raise and
Spend Funds?

Yes. Under FEC regulations, they would be acting as a delegate committee. A delegate committee is a group that raises or spends funds to influence the selection of one or more delegates. A delegate committee may be a group of delegates or a group that supports delegates.  11
CFR 110.14(b)(2)

Do Delegate Committees Have to File FEC Reports?

Possibly. A delegate committee becomes a "political committee" under federal law once it receives contributions or makes expenditures exceeding $1,000 in a calendar year. 11
CFR 100.5(a) and (e)(5); 110.14(b)(2).

At that point, the committee must register with the FEC within 10 days and begin filing periodic FEC reports to disclose its receipts and disbursements.
11 CFR 102.1(d)
and 104.1(a).
All pre-registration activity must be disclosed in the first report. 11
CFR 104.3(a) and (b)

Note that a delegate committee that has triggered status as a federal political committee must include the word "delegate" or "delegates" in its name. It may also include the name of the Presidential candidate it supports. 11
CFR 102.14(b)(1)

Do Contribution Prohibitions and Limits Apply to Delegate Committees?

The same sources that are listed above
as prohibited from making contributions to a delegate are also prohibited
from making contributions to a delegate committee. 11 CFR 110.14(c)(2)  The following limits
apply to contributions made to delegate committees:

"Evil is powerless if the good are unafraid." - Ronald Reagan

Public Relations Consulting

Thanks for the concern

Thanks Kathleen,
We will be filing for delegate committee status once that threshold is reached. Right now we don't need to. We also track down all of our donations. Any of them that don't meet the guidelines or that didn't provide enough information will be refunded.

Adil Khan
Executive Director
Liberty Iowa PAC

Thanks for the heads up

I'm a bit of a greenhorn, but the people behind Liberty Iowa definitely aren't. I'm sure they are observing all the legalities.