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Bankers Turn Against Each Other, Big Names Spilled, LINK!

It just keeps getting better and better, and if you think about, this has never happened at such a scale, read close because the FED is mentioned and its only getting bigger and sleazier, the scandals are involving bigger names as times goes by. Soon the bigger names, Rockefeller, Rothschild, Lazard, Wehman, all these parasitic scum will be attacked also, patience is key my liberty loving friends. Sorry bout not having the link < i was too excited lol


Ron Paul 2012!

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Libor-gate! Had to read it twice to find Fed reference -

Here it is:

"The other banks were doing it too

Throughout October 2008, the interest rates Barclays paid to borrow ‘were the highest or next highest’ of all the 16 banks involved in the setting of Libor. Barclays clearly believed other banks were already lying to disguise their high borrowing costs.

Its statement said: ‘Barclays did not understand why other banks were consistently posting lower submissions [to Libor]. Barclays firmly believed that the other panel members were not, in fact, funding at a lower cost than Barclays.’

In other words, Barclays claims that, far from being the most dishonest of the Libor banks, it was the only one telling the truth.

All the authorities turned a blind eye

Barclays also claims that the authorities turned a blind eye to the industry-wide scam.

‘We were disappointed that no effective action was taken having raised these issues with various authorities during the whole financial crisis period… Barclays raised concerns with the FSA, the Bank of England and the US FEDERAL RESERVE.’

RP R3VOLution

Guess who the Barclays boss was holding a fundraiser for?

"Robert(Bob) Diamond, who today stepped down as chief executive of Barclays Plc (BARC), will no longer co-host a London campaign fundraiser this month for presumptive U.S. Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney, campaign spokeswoman Andrea Saul confirmed.
Diamond resigned amid political pressure the London-based bank faced after it admitted to rigging global interest rates."


"The July 27 Romney fundraising dinner, scheduled for a day when Romney is in town for the Olympics, will proceed without Diamond. The financial sector has been one of Romney’s top sources of campaign contributions."



and of Course, the msm won't report this. Maybe Ben Swan?

RP R3VOLution

Is it legal to have a fund

Is it legal to have a fund raiser in England? Is it not illegal for foreigners to donate? Just asking.

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Ron Paul 2012!

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Ayn Rand would call this "dog-eat-dog,"....

and the Fed is one of the dogs!

Like clock-work

The more freedom and truth closes in, the more they'll turn on each other as they slowly come to the realization that they're ALL FINISHED!

"We are not human beings having a spiritual experience; we are spiritual beings having a human experience"—Pierre Teilhard de Chardin


I Know, and can you imagine when the real owners are revealed, when the people have enough courage and cases, sources, and proof, which is happening,, theyll start to point fingers at these guys, this ancient evil will be routed out, hopefully for the last time

Now that the

shit is hitting the fan the banksters are eating their own. Won't be long now. There is no loyalty within the ranks of these vermin.