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A) Mitt Romney or B) Barack Obama

I was contacted to participate in a phone survey about the 2012 election. Although I have not lived with my parents for years, somebody called an asked for me while I happened to be there eating dinner. I was asked if I approve of the job president obama is doing. Of course I strongly disapprove.

I was asked if the presidential election was tomorrow would I vote for A) mitt romney or B) barak obama. I replied that i would not be voting for either one. The voice on the other end of the line was thoroughly confused by this. He said "so can i put you down for undecided? "

I had to slowly explain twice that i HAVE ALREADY decided and wont be voting for either. Option D in your survey is my plan A at the polling booth. Actually i had made up my mind who i was voting for way back in 2007.

Happy 4th all...

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