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Liberty-Minded Wealthy Folks: An Idea

It seems to me a contingent of folks who can afford to do so, would make a splash with a ceremony. If we could get the media to cover the event, it might cause a few minds to turn in the proper direction.

If we could somehow get the folks who run the debt clock, to put a "pause" function on the clock for ceremonies like this, it might be a bigger win, as it would also call attention to the crushing problems we have in that quarter.

The ceremony goes like this, and it were best done en masse:

A particular time, say noon, on a particular day is chosen, and folks taking part in the ceremony congregate at the debt clock. At noon, the display is stopped (the counter is still running in the background, or perhaps they could add a point-in-time display to the clock which would have almost the same effect.) Those taking part in the ceremony recite a short verse, something to the effect of:

"The burden and blame we share equally, individually, for the sin of forgetting to be vigilant and defending our liberties, we now lay down. Our blame is laid to rest. Our burden is lifted from our shoulders. We are cleansed. Our vision is keen, and our wits are sharp, and the veil has been lifted from our eyes. We see the transgressors against us all for what they are, and we are watchful and mindful lest they violate us further. We pledge to push back this burden from us all."

These people would then write a check, backed by worthless Federal Reserve Notes, to the government in the amount shown on the display.

These people would become members of a completely public society of free men -- those who had bought their way out of slavery. Publicizing such a society, maybe by those wealthy enough to be part of it pooling their money together to openly buy and air propaganda ("Help Free Us All", or somesuch.) This should be done completely openly and transparently. Participants, when interviewed, should be completely honest that their messaging is indeed propaganda -- and then drive home the message that is being conveyed. To wit, "Be responsible for yourselves. Do not rely on government. You are civilized human beings. Act that way."

There's probably no upside to this, but if you've got money to burn, you might as well do it for kicks!

It might be helpful, too, to point out that a typical adult slave in the 1860s was bought and sold for $600-$1200. That's 30-60oz of gold, at $20/oz. Now, that gold would be worth $48000-$96000. About in the range of what we each individually "owe" for our share of the national debt. It might cause people to say, "Whoa... we better get that clock stopped, or we will never be able to buy our way out.", and "Hey, why do I owe that money, anyway? I'm not a slave!" This could only be helpful.