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US Will Sign Gun Control Treaty on July 27!

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The only person that will be

The only person that will be controlling my guns is ME!

Good, maybe then the militia will take the traitors into custody

Which do you plan to bring, rope or wood for the gallows?

I hope they

do sign this and then try to enforce it. That should be the final straw for millions of people now sitting on the sidelines. My dad is a Hannity & OReally watching neocon of the highest order but he is a big gun guy...that is his issue and he is not alone. let them do it....political suicide.

I Don't Know...

There are a lot of people in this country who don't know what's going on. If they were ordered to turn in their guns, I'll bet most would do it without question.

If they were told it was for their own good, they'd have no problem going along with it no questions asked.

If they sign this, they just dug their own graves

89 million VERY ANGRY gun owners, angry Americans waking up, millions more to buy more guns, maybe this needs to happen, seems like this is what will push Americans to declare the leadership an enemy of the state

Another sneek in

like he did with ndaa and others.

And look how many

people are complete fine with the NDAA just like they were the the PATRIOT act. Sickening, because I don't think Americans will wake up until federal agents are knocking of their door to take their weapons. Let us hope I am completely wrong.

Not surprising...

But this has major implications for gun owners. It's the legislation that they all feared may one day be presented. This info should probably be front page news.

Has anyone located the petition and/or signed it?

Opinions wanted before I do anything. Thanks.

Rand's Firearm Sovereignty Survey http://www.nagr.org/UN_lp_survey2.aspx

Nat Assoc for Gun Rights petition page http://www.nagr.org/UNpetition1.aspx?pid=1

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