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Social Security is "NOT" a Contract and Here is your Undeniable "PROOF"!

Here it is folks: A Congressional Testimony!

Excerpt: " In 1953, a subcommittee of the House Ways and Means Committee conducted hearings for the express purpose of settling the question of whether social security was contractual in nature; see Hearings of November 27, 1953 entitled "The Legal Status of OASI Benefits," (Part 6). The witness at the hearing was Dr. Arthur J. Altmeyer, who held several offices in the Roosevelt administration. He was a member of the first Social Security Board, and by 1946 became the Social Security Commissioner, retiring in 1953. During this hearing, various parties stated that social security was not a contract:"

That above statement was taken from this article:


Also from the above article, you will see that the Drivers License is NOT a Contract either; see " Hershey v. Commonwealth Dep't. of Transportation, 669 A.2d 517, 520 (Pa.Cmwlth. 1996); and State v. Gibson, 697 P.2d 1216 (Idaho 1985)".

Applying for the Socialist Security Card and/or the Drivers License is not the culprit. Using the Government created "Certificate of Live Birth" as the means of identity for obtaining the SS Card and Drivers License is what you're missing; this is the head of the snake!

NOTE: Pay very close attention to what I'm about to say.

Your (yes, that means YOU) Certificate of Live Birth that the UNITED STATES Corp. and the STATE Corp. sent back to you has an ... are you ready for it? ... Now here it comes ... Brace Yourself:

"STATE Seal and a Registrars Signature" Embossed onto it. That is 100% certifiable proof that the (E)State has been or is in Probate. The Registrar is the Court of Probate, and Probate deals with (E)States of the DEAD.

There is your proof that the STATE took the original Record of Live Birth your Mother signed (which did not have a Registrars Signature on it), and "split the title"; created a NEW DOCUMENT called a "Certificate of Live Birth" which was the creation of a new (E)state; a DEAD persons (E)State, and sent it back to you in the mail as an evil and deceitful ploy to trick you into using it as your new identity.

I explain this here:


And here:


Here is more proof that Social Security is NOT a Contract by DP member samadamscw:


That's right folks, this is a Supreme Court decision from "Helvering vs Davis", and that decision has been cited in cases a thousand plus times, and it still in effect today.

Once the people finally realize that document (Certificate of Live Birth) was concealment of the REAL you, and the rebirth of a DEAD you, in the form of an (E)State, we will finally prevail in beating back the STATE and getting them off our backs.

The Certificate of Live Birth is an "Office". They are controlling you contractually (at least that is the illusion) because they are presuming you are acting in the capacity as an government agent/employee/person within that "Office". This is how they are applying their statutory BS codes, rules and regulations to you.

The 14th Amendment uses the word "person" several times; here you go, read it for yourself:


Do you understand what THEIR definition of "person" is? Have a look at this: http://www.freedom-school.com/office-of-the-person.pdf

Final: They had to create an Office and coerce you into acting within that Office by way of trickery, deceit, and fraud, so they could "presume" to have authority over your lives.

That "Office" is the Certificate of Live Birth.

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This is blowing my mind!

Thank you for all the resources and information. Is the freedomschool.com site a good starting point for pursuing the facts?

I am very intrigued, and would like to know as much as possible about this topic and steps that can be taken to reclaim my natural rights. I have a thousand questions! Please point me in the right direction and I'll do the work necessary. Many thanks.

My apologies for the late response.

I believe http://freedom-school.com/ is a great site with a ton of good information and research. Just do your own due diligence and double check anything you read on the internet by cross referencing it with other sites and try to find original sources.

You can click on my name and see other posts I've made; perhaps you will find something within those that will help in your research.

Note: I would personally try to not get wrapped up in the patriot UCC paperwork and filings; a lot of new information has come forth since.

You might look into Dean Clifford/Trust Law on YouTube as well as in some of my other posts; get to understand the Estate/Executor/Beneficiary/Trustee, that seems to be the solid foundation of the enslavement.

Good luck.