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It is imperative that we keep Romney from getting the White House.

Nothing is more crucial than this for the liberty movement. Most say that we won't get a shot for another 8 years, try 12, when Hillary takes it in 2016. Our movement will not be crushed, but it will be hamstringed. Getting another crack at the title bout in 4 years and having the message be heard nationally is so utterly crucial for the movement, besides getting Paul the nom of course, and the GOP revolution op. Get on the radio shows, get on the neocon websites, let them know, it is Ron Paul or another 4 years of Obama. We will sink the GOP's chances this year. We now hold the numbers to swing this election. Make sure every neocon you know has this knowledge.

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I personally believe that it doesn't matter

if Obama or Romney (if Romney wins the nomination) wins this year.

We know for a fact that Romney will flip just as hard as Obama did when he won office, if he does win. With our already knowing his etch-a-sketch beliefs, I feel that his flopping would only earn a much stronger reaction from the GOP voters than what Obama has received thus far, possibly opening him up to a challenger for the nomination at the end of his first term. Not to mention that, with our taking more and more of the GOP every year, we can better drive the people to choose a proper candidate.

That said, I doubt that Romney has the support and enthusiasm to actually win the White House. Sure, he has the money from the banks, but the best argument for why he's better than Obama that most of his supporters, reluctant or otherwise, can muster is that he isn't Obama.

I don't know campaign history all that well, so can anyone tell me if a President has actually ever defeated an opposing incumbent with the only thing on his side being that he wasn't the incumbent?

Either way, the GOP nominee hasn't been determined yet, and we can still very well force our voice into the party.

Ron Paul 2016