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If it Quacks Like a Duck ... , The U.S. Government

Most are familiar with the meaning of the basic truism phrases "A rose by nay other name is still a rose," or "If it quacks like a duck, and walks like a duck and swmims like a duck, its a duck."


Considering the following events in the USA, what then to label the U.S. government:

* The Patriot Act (Passed in 2001 and extended in in 2011 with additional controls) expands law enforcement powers and removes civil liberties and constitutionally guaranteed rights.
* The National Defense Authorization Act, passed on 31st December, 2011, allows the indefinite imprisonment by the military of any "suspects" (including American citizens on American soil) without allowing due process of law.
* The MAP-21 Bill, which allows the Internal Revenue Service to suspend the passport rights of Americans, based on the premise that their tax obligations may be unfulfilled.
* The National Defense Resources Preparedness order, created in March, 2012,
* FEMA Interment Camps
* Compounds to store "disposable coffins,"
* 450 million hollow point bullets ordered by the Department of Homeland Security To be used domestically.


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