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USDA suggests food stamp parties, games to increase participation

While spending on the food stamp program has increased 100 percent under President Barack Obama, the government continues to push more Americans to enroll in the welfare program.

The United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) has embraced entire promotional campaigns designed to encourage eligible Americans to participate in the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP), or food stamps.

A pamphlet currently posted at the USDA website encourages local SNAP offices to throw parties as one way to get potentially eligible seniors to enroll in the program.

“Throw a Great Party. Host social events where people mix and mingle,” the agency advises. “Make it fun by having activities, games, food, and entertainment, and provide information about SNAP. Putting SNAP information in a game format like BINGO, crossword puzzles, or even a ‘true/false’ quiz is fun and helps get your message across in a memorable way.”

Despite the high rate of food stamp participation, the USDA has numerous blueprints posted on their website aimed at getting more people to enroll in SNAP. A 2009 State Outreach Plan Guidance explains why the agency believes states should adopt strategies to get more people on the rolls:
Outreach Can Help Increase Participation in SNAP Resulting in Multiple Benefits for Participants, States, and Communities: SNAP is the cornerstone of the nation’s nutrition safety net and an investment in our future. SNAP offers the opportunity for improved nutrition and progress toward economic self-sufficiency for participants who become stronger members of the community. However, too many low income people, especially seniors, working people, and legal immigrants, who are eligible for SNAP do not participate and thus forego assistance that could stretch their food dollars and help improve their nutrition.
According to the USDA, greater food stamp usage can be an economic plus for states and communities.

“Every $5 in new SNAP benefits generates $9.20 in an additional community spending,” the USDA contends in their outreach guidance. “If the national participation rate rose five percentage points, 1.9 million more low-income people would have an additional $1.3 billion in benefits per year to use to purchase healthy food and $2.5 billion total in new economic activity would be generated nationwide.”

During debate on the 2012 farm bill earlier this month, Senate Republicans pushed for amendments aimed at reducing the cost and participation in the food stamp program.

The Democratically controlled Senate voted down Republican efforts — denying amendments targeting the swelling rolls that were introduced by Kentucky Republican Sen. Rand Paul, and others from Alabama Republican Sen. Jeff Sessions — arguing they could reduce access to those in need.


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They are setting the stage

for the utimate financial bubble & crash. This bursting bubble will reduce millions to poverty, spell the end of our way of life, and threaten this nation’s very existence. Washington and Wall Street have recklessly pushed the United States into the greatest financial bubble in American history. This time the Fed doesn't have to raise interest rates: this ultimate financial bubble is government assistance; social security, food stamps, VA benefits, unemployment, etc - in other words, increased dependence on the government like never before in history, and the system will burst under its own weight. Government assistance programs will crash and destroy most of the wealth Americans have left; leaving people to live in their vehicles, in boxes and tents, or whatever they can find, and to give up custody of their children to state foster care, as is happening in Greece already. It will drive millions of American families into the nightmare of poverty, homelessness, and a grim dependence on government bureaucrats — the same leaders that got us into this mess. In the worst-case scenario, you could see soaring crime, the confiscation of your private property, and even the suspension of your civil rights. Sadly, these facts have gone virtually unreported in the mainstream media. This was planned decades ago and has been implemented over the years, but it will dwarf every financial catastrophe the world has ever seen. The 1% will finally own and control the 99% lock, stock, & barrel.

1980's - savings and loan bubble & crash
1990's - tech stock bubble & crash
2000's - housing bubble & crash
2010's - government assistance programs bubble & crash