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Help a South Dakota Liberty candidate. Money bomb all this week!

Help a South Dakota Liberty candidate. Ok I will admit that the South Dakota primary did not go so well for Ron Paul, but wow what a night for the rest of the Liberty candidates. The races for the House of Representatives was awesome the establishment really got it handed to them. And over on the senate side our moderate governor Dennis Daugaard made 5 endorsements all 5 endorsing the moderate over the tea party / Liberty candidate we won 3 races and governor Daugaard only won 2 races. Including the speaker of the house being defeated by more than a 2/1 margin haha yes. So South Dakota is on the verge of having a large representation of Liberty minded legislators. But for most of our candidates the primary was the toughest challenge since their districts are solidly Republican. But there are some close races including the race in district 3 where Dan Kaiser is running, district 3 is very tight in voter registration their are about 120 more Republicans than Democrats so it will be close. There are 4 people running for 2 seats, it appears that there is a top and bottom with an incumbent Republican who is likely to be reelected. And a Democrat college student that seems a little more unlikely to be elected. So that leaves us the Ron Paul supporting Republican Dan Kaiser, and the anti property rights Democrat Bill Antonidies. Both these men are very well know inside district 3 and it is expected to be a super close race, although I would give Dan Kaiser the slight advantage as of today. Please check out Dan's website at www.kaiserforhouse.com. To learn more about his positions. And if at all possible please make a donation to his campaign. As for online fundraising so far Dan Kaiser has raised $400, and Bill Antonidies has raised $395 that's how close this is please help us out this is a huge race please visit www.kaiserforhouse.com.

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South Dakota Liberty Candidate Suggestions for Nov 6th Election

South Dakota:
[] Dan Kaiser House Rep. Dist. 3
[] Jon Hansen House Rep. Dist. 25
[] Brian Liss House Rep. Dist. 13
[] Brock Greenfield House Rep Dist 2
[] Issac Latterell House Rep Dist 6
[] Jenna Haggar House Rep Dist 10
[] Manny Steele House Rep Dist 12
[] Stave Nelson House Rep Dist 19
[] Lance Russel House Rep Dist 30
[] Mike Verchio House Rep Dist 30
[] Don Kopp House Rep Dist 35
[] Betty Olson House Rep Dist 28b
[] Jim Stalzer House Rep Dist 11
[] Tim Begalka Senate Dist 4
[] Ernie Otten JR Senate Dist 6
[] Phil Jensen Senate Dist 33

Dan Kaiser was on Ron Paul

Dan Kaiser was on Ron Paul delegate slate in both 2008 and 2012


Thanks for the bump

Thanks for the bump

Hey guys could we please keep

Hey guys could we please keep this bumped it is super important we win this election.