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A Moment of Silence for the 4th of July

Today, for July 4th here in the United States, I choose to honor my long lost republic with a moment of silence, in memory of the great experiment that died long, long ago.

I invite all Libertarians, all Minarchists, and even all Anarchists to join me in this tradition, where we remember what we could have had if only we hadn't let it be stolen by bankers and corporations a century ago.

If not for Liberty-minded people like us, the real America would have already been purged from all history books. It is our Duty to pay homage to the original vision of our forefathers and keep their dream alive so at the very least a future generation can revive it.

If not us, then who?

When the sheeple, including sheepish members of your own family (we all have a few) observe you practicing this tradition, it is an opportunity for you to explain that everything our forefathers fought for in the 1770s was long gone before we were born. Just break it gently to them, it's not easy for most laymen to take.

RIP America. You were really something special.

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Denise B's picture

She may be down, but

she's not dead yet...just the fact that we can have this conversation without our doors being kicked in shows that she still has some life left in her, although I agree that it is fading fast....

Don't lose hope because that is the moment when they really win. Never give up! Keep on fighting and keep on waking others to the truth...somehow I feel that the tipping point is not far off. :)

You don't seem to know what we don't have though.

Don't worry, it was gone by the time of the great depression, so it's not like I'd expect you to fully appreciate our loss, but our forefathers created a Minarchy that does NOT resemble anything you see before you today.

The revolutionary war was fought over a single-digit tax increase and warrant-less searches of their homes... Things that we accept as normal today, not worth a stern conversation about even.

The America that was created from that in the 1770s had a government that by and large, stayed the heck out of the citizenry's life and didn't tax you for everything you could think of doing. It was a truly grand experiment that presidents up until JFK had to keep defending against the bankers, who fully won with his assassination.

Much of the damage was done in 1913 with the creation of the IRS and of course the Federal reserve bank. FDR did another huge chunk of it with his many socialistic programs, all of which have been proven financial disasters.

But most of the damage was done incrementally, a little tax here and a little regulation there, until this country became so corrupt and inept it's literally a farce to be shrugged off at best, and Hitler's wettest dream at worst.

Jefferson, Washington, and Franklin would again lead the revolution today against what we have, but this time with far more contempt than they had for the British!


Denise B's picture

I don't disagree with

anything that you are saying. In fact, I fully agree with all of it - because it was done so incrementally most people didn't realize the seriousness of what was happening...that is up until recently. I find it very encouraging; however, that there are a large number of people who have awakened to the seriousness of the situation, people like me and you (and a lot of them are very young, no less)...who are fully awake to what is happening and are willing to get involved to make it change.

And just like Dr. Paul stated in his post today, liberty is not yet dead in this country - she may be badly injured but she isn't dead yet. We still have the freedom of speech and communication that we need to grow our numbers and there are still some things that they can not yet do to stop us (like kick in our doors and drag people away in the night like Nazi Germany) because we do still have a Bill of Rights that they need to at least appear to respect to the general public. And even if they do start doing this, it is only going to enrage people even further and grow our numbers even more.

In addition, there are small battles being won every day all over this country by people who are standing up against them. I sometimes think we should have a separate section on this site just to report these victories because people need to hear about them.

Don't get me wrong, we have a very long, difficult battle ahead of us and by no means will it get any easier, but we have to keep hope and keep on fighting. There really is no other choice, at least for me. I know it's cliche but they say it is always darkest right before the dawn and I truly do feel that this whole freedom movement is on the verge of really exploding. People have had enough. Let's hope it is when Dr. Paul gets the nomination in Nov....and if not, let's all make a pact to keep fighting and waking people up until they lock us up or we're dead. That is the kind of commitment that is going to be required. Happy 4th of July!