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The perfect punishment for all who were involved in the banking scandals...

We are known as a non violent group of people, our goals to be the best we can be and the nation will follow our example. We are Christians, Atheists, Buddhists, Agnostics. We are black, white, Indian, Asian, and all other, but our vision is the same. It is not a vision of power over other people, it is not about political game play, it is not about working to pay the way for those that refuse to labor, we are focused on making a better nation by the sweat of our brow, and honoring the rule of law under the constitution. The banking elite are slowly being outed and there have been cries for violence against them from all corners of the earth, but we must maintain our principle and do what is correct and right. It is my opinion that when the time comes all involved in the banking elite who after having a hearing pay the maximum price and stripped of all assets, cash, and holdings and released with the clothes on their backs to the street of the nation they resided in. From the very top, to the lowliest that were involved and could be proven that they knew what they were doing was illegal, immoral, and destructive of entire nations, but not death. There are many things worse than death, and to put these criminals in government housing, on food stamps, would be the perfect non violent punishment for the millions they have robbed, the families they have destroyed, the homes they have taken, nothing would be more fitting. All funds seized from them should be added back into the treasuries of the nations where their crimes were committed. On this 4th it is nice to know that today we are still grasping at our freedoms that are being taken in a treasonous manner, without the right nor power to do so, only via an accepting public tricked into fear. When discussing this with others I hope you remember my idea of non violence, and due punishment, for it will be shown throughout history that our ideas were the most humane even for those that had no humanity.

Happy 4th all, everyone be safe and heed the words of the wise Indian Chief 2 fingers, always light your fireworks on the ground, not in your hand.

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I hate to call off the lynchings but I agree.

But for the 9/11 trio of bush Cheney and rumsfeld, Burn them alive after a good stint at the waterboards.

They should all reap what they have sown.

I'm betting some buggery might be called for too:@)

Investigate and prosecute.

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I have sworn upon the altar of God eternal hostility to every form of tyranny over the mind of man.