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Why A Vote For Ted Cruz is a Vote of Confidence for Ron Paul

If I were a Texan, I would have vote for Glen Addison in the May 31 Texas primary. Ted Cruz’s obvious cowardice in not wanting to endorse Dr. Paul after Ron Paul endorsed him would have been enough in and of itself to cost him my vote. Also, the fact that Addison wanted to get us out of the United Nations while Cruz believes in national sovereignty, but wants to stay in the UN clearly made Addison the more Conservative candidate on the issue of sovereignty.
But, Glenn Addison is no longer a candidate for the Senate, Ted Cruz still is! The fact is we’re NOT taking over the Libertarian Party, the Constitutionalist Party, or starting our own third party. The Ron Paul Revolution is taking over the REPUBLICAN Party! If you’re a Texan and sitting around waiting for the perfect libertarian to run for Senate in Texas, you might as well throw away your voter registration card now and forget about it because first of all, there’s no such thing as a perfect libertarian candidate and if there was, he’d never have a snowball’s chance in Panama of making it as far as a run-off in the state of Texas.
So why is a vote for Ted Cruz a vote of confidence for Ron Paul?
Ted Cruz has LOST support because Ron Paul and Young Americans for Liberty (formerly Students for Ron Paul) have endorsed him. There are literally MILLIONS of Republican voters across this nation that will vote against a candidate if Ron Paul endorses that candidate, simply because they hate Ron Paul and his supporters and want him and them to leave the Republican Party and never return. When a candidate seeks and/or accepts Dr. Paul’s endorsement, he’s banking on the hope that there will be more Ron Paul supporters that show up to the polls than Ron Paul haters.
“But, Ron Paul doesn’t speak for me.”
I know. I know. And he shouldn’t. You are your own, independent, moral agent and you should decide who you vote for. But, consider this. It’s no secret that Ron Paul and Young Americans for Liberty have endorsed Cruz. If Ted Cruz loses, future Republican politicians will be hesitant to associate themselves with this movement for fear of there being backlash at the polls. However, if Cruz upsets the Republican establishment and defeats David Dewhurst in the run-off on July 31, it will send a clear message to future Tea Party candidates that if they want to defeat an establishment Republican, Ron Paul is the man to court for an endorsement. Why do you think Sarah Palin still wields the enormous power that she does within the GOP? It’s because when she endorses a candidate her supporters get to the polls and vote for that candidate. They don’t sit around on their butts and grumble and gripe about that candidate not being a “real Conservative”.
If we happen to come short of making Ron Paul the Republican nominee in August, the next best thing we can do is make him Republican kingmaker. Can y’all imagine how that would drive the Republican establishment crazy? Besides, Rand Paul could really use some help in the Senate. Ted Cruz isn’t perfect, but he’s a sight better than Rick Perry-endorsed, establishment monkey David Dewhurst. Think about this. If Dewhurst wins on July 31, Texas is going to have another warmongering Neocon/big-spending, anti-civil liberties RINO in the Senate for SIX long years.
On the other hand, Ted Cruz:
Opposes indefinite detention without trial and called certain provisions in the NDAA “shocking” and “unconstitutional”. http://blog.chron.com/texaspolitics/2012/02/cruz-criticizes-...
Will help Rand Paul pass Ron Paul’s Audit the Fed bill.
Will help Rand Paul End the TSA and privatize airport security.
Will defend U.S. sovereignty.
Will help Rand Paul stand up for internet privacy and defeat legislation attempting to curtail it.
Supports Ron Paul’s proposal to immediately reduce the corporate tax to 15%.
Opposes ALL debt ceiling increases
Will help pass Rand Paul’s budget which will:
END the Department of Commerce,
END the Department of Education,
END the Department of Energy, and
END the Department of Housing and Urban Development, and
Cruz said at the Tea Party rally in Austin with Ron and Rand that he would really like to END the IRS.
Are you mad Rick Perry mocked Dr. Paul on national television in the January SC debate?
- Take it out on Perry’s anointed David Dewhurst.
Are you mad at the Republican establishment’s blatant corruption and mafia-like tactics?
- Take it out on the Establishment’s anointed David Dewhurst!
If Ron Paul supporters insist on being such purists that they won’t even vote for someone like Cruz, then this movement is toast once Ron Paul moves out of the picture. Either we put good, but less than perfect, liberty-minded patriots like Ted Cruz in the Senate, or Neocon, RINO statists like Dewhurst will continue to fill those seats year after year. Please don’t limit yourself to being an ineffectual, third-party purist. Help us take over the Republican Party so we can eventually take back our country and restore our Constitution.
For Liberty,

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I voted for Addison in the

I voted for Addison in the Primary but will vote for Cruz in the runoff. He's weak on foreign policy but much better than Dewhurst overall. I think it's going to be close, so every vote counts.

“It does not require a majority to prevail, but rather an irate, tireless minority keen to set brush fires in people's minds”
-Sam Adams

having been at the convention

I would say Ted Cruz has the election in the bag if you went by the response at the convention. Nothing but Ted Cruz signs and cheers for him everywhere. Dewhurst was not warmly received. I would say that Cruz's speech was very good too.
Our local newspaper reported that "the Ron Paul supporters rudely booed Dewhurst". But that is not even true. What MANY people were yelling, not just RP supporters, was "CRUZ, CRUZ" and that was misconstrued as "BOO BOO" when Dewhurst spoke.
I voted for Addison, but now will vote for Cruz as Dr Paul has endorsed him.