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Happy 4th?

I went to my local wal-mart super center. (you can ask my wife, i HATE wal-mart, but she loves it.) We were getting goggles for my boy to swim with and some last minute fireworks. After we had walked around for awhile, I finally broke down and asked an associate for their location. I was told all the fireworks had been pulled. When asked why, she replied, "The Fire Marshall just came into all the local stores and had them pull their fireworks". Needless to say my four year old is not a very happy camper. No fireworks on the 4th of July. I can see the Fire Marshall asking if people could wait until its not so dry to use fireworks, (still kind of b.s.) but where does he get off pulling them from store shelves? Really funny thing is.. When the business I work at first opened up, he approved the building and gave the store a certificate saying we passed inspection. The next day our DM came to the store and noticed we didn't have any fire extinguishers! WTF!!!