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NFIB v Sebelius: "Wickard's Wicked New Companion"

The Obamacare ruling is the last straw: It's time for liberty-minded people to raise the flag of nullification and finally put our relentlessly growing federal government in check. Check out the article's link to a model state Obamacare nullification act, and consider contacting your state legislators and governor and asking them to stand up for the Constitution.
NFIB v Sebelius: Wickard's Wicked New Companion

My previous commentary, “Why Merely Repealing Obamacare Isn’t Enough,” was written in anticipation of the Supreme Court’s Obamacare verdict. Its aspirational title reflected my conviction that, for the Supreme Court to restore true Constitutional order, it couldn’t just reject the insurance mandate and its unprecedented intrusion into the lives of individual citizens—it would also have to overturn a deeply flawed 1942 decision that inflicted catastrophic damage on our national compact, a compact where the federal government is limited to powers specifically enumerated in the Constitution.

Today, that once-hopeful title now serves as a bitter reminder of a Supreme Court decision that—rather than restoring appropriate boundaries to federal power—instead broke an astonishingly wide new hole in the safeguards carefully crafted by our founders.

Rest of article at http://libertymcg.com/2012/07/04/nfib-v-sebelius-wickards-wi...

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fireant's picture

Good article.

It clearly shows how this convoluted ruling has opened up a real can of worms. Remember though, nullification does not remove the precedent.

Undo what Wilson did


So true. On the positive side, I think we only need a handful of states to go strong on nullification to render Obamacare too complicated to continue. Such a federal humiliation on the PPACA would make future Congresses less ambitious about unleashing giant new programs like this one.

Obamacare: State nullification efforts

Nullification brushfires are breaking out all over. Let's keep these going and set a few more: