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The Future of the Liberty Movement (Please Comment)

I mentioned this in a chat today and thought it was actually a pretty decent idea, so i wanted the opinions of the DP.

People are concerned what to do now, or after tampa, or even after November. I honestly think we need to really start watching our state represenatives, our congressmen who represent us, and anyone else we elect to speak on behalf of our state.

Anyone who does NOT support Constitutional Values, Freedom or Liberty, should be immediately recalled and replaced. We need to keep a closer eye on our own politicians from our own counties, put them on the spot, make them explain themselves.

I do not care if he is a Democrat that was elected and your a Republican or Libertarian or whatever party, do not make it party politics, and only remove them when they violate Constitutional principles. These are the people that reflect our wishes and if they cannot do the job in accordance with the Constitution, they should be held accountable.

I dont know the law very well, so feel free to correct me, but if we can recall someone who voted for the NDAA, why are we not pressing to have them removed?

I pledge we continue the Liberty Campaign, the Liberty Movement and dedicate ourselves to ridding the government of corruption, one person at a time.

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