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Happy Overthrow the Tyrant Day

Happy overthrow the tyrant day, everyone!

Let's celebrate the throwing off of the imperial, mega-maniacal, inbred king George and the birth of America.

America... the fruit of the Enlightenment, the harvest reaped of the brilliant mind of John Locke.

The only nation, in the history of the world, that assigned the ownership of your life to you and not to a king or a parliament or everyone else.

Let us sing joyous songs and hold our hands upon our hearts and remember that this was once a fine yet fragile Republic that lasted a whopping 11 years before it was destroyed by the imperial, mega-maniacal, failed dueler Alexander Hamilton and his banker clients.

And as the next cabal of legislators (democrat and republican) loot person A to give to person B under the phony pretense of "fairness", never forget that it was Jefferson, author of the Declaration, that refused to sign the Constitution as he perceived it to be fatally flawed. How right he was.

I leave you with the words of Alexis de Tocqueville:

"The American Republic will endure until congress discovers it can bribe the voters with their own money."

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Sadly, I see people around me

Sadly, I see people around me celebrating a "Nationalism" notion of "America is great because it's America", and forgetting all about the liberty and principles behind it. The definition of "Patriot" has blended with "Nationalist" that it's hard to tell people the difference without them thinking you're a loon.

This is INDEPENDENCE day, not "Worship the state/husk of lost freedom" day. But I endeavor to remind those who will listen of the eternal principles of our founding, not these temporal boundaries of a nation that could be renamed at a moment's notice.

You nailed it

Well said. "Nationalism" and "patriotism" are certainly not the same. I've encountered types who argue that the government IS the country so if you oppose the government then you are a traitor. It's unbelievable how far the indoctrination has gone.