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Nobody Can Beat Our Military

On this July 4th I want to salute those who have fought the good fight.

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the egyptian people cant beat their military and look how that's turning out (military dictatorship). egypt is a demonstration of the problem with a standing army

I salute all who volunteered

to unquestioningly take orders handed down from corrupt Washington politicians.

New Hampshire and Ecuador.

Inaccurate post

Well actually, our military has already been beaten and by the very people who are supposed to care for them. They have allowed themselves to be beaten, just like the populace at large has. I was a soldier so I can say this and understand where it is truly coming from.

The one thing that can stop all of this overnight is if the military were willing and able to stand up for themselves and stand down on these wars. They are illegal and every military person must refuse unlawful orders but they are not doing so now.

I though u were gonna say

as ron likes to say, we havent won a war since the last declared one

I join you in your salute to those who fought a good fight

and I'm sure you meant well to say that nobody can beat our military...however our miitary requires paid personel to function. We currently have domestic enemies in the process of disabling our military. Certainly debt is a HUGE threat to our national security. IMO


Fuck yeah!

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thanks for lurking and learning first before diving in.

yea, that's sarcasm.


especially when your govenment can print billions of dollars out of thin air in order to pay the enemy "in cash" not to fight anymore...as we are doing in Iraq.

And, I was an Army paratrooper for 4 years

my sister did 4 in the navy

my dad was a navy pilot

one of my grandfather's was a full bird colonel my other grandfather fought with Patton in North Africa and Italy

two uncles in Viet Nam...one returned.

So, I am not anti military....it is just that things ain't what they used to be. Sorry.

And now we have military

on our streets. If you don't think they will shoot you down if you stand up for your rights, then you better think again!

you are right

It's like an adult baseball league where all other adults in the area have been incapacitated so only kids can play against them.

Go Giants!!

War is a Racket by Major General Smedley Butler.

Our military? Just because we borrow the money to keep it running, doesn't mean it owes us anything.

If you join it, you do their bidding, if you defend the Constitution you are thrown in a dungeon, by yourself for years of days.

The military bully does not defend liberty. A people who can't be bullied is a better defense. So we sing "Land of the free and the home of the brave."

If we were brave enough, we would not need an unbeatable military.

Free includes debt-free!

The slew of comments

that portray every military member with disgust, as if we all want to kill, kill, kill...that is alienating in a big way. It certainly makes me less interested in this site.

You want an organization to change from the inside at all? Quit being such a prick and encourage the proper change. There are no minds to change, which is always the hardest part. You want an organization to change the legal way? That is top down, and has nothing to do with the every day service member.

Just my 2 cents. This is easily the most anti-military-member replies I've seen on this site.

People should boycott the Military, and refuse to join.

Sorry but the U.S. Military is only concerned with World Empire, and Global Control (through War atrocities) on behalf of the Rothchilds (International Bankers), and Mulitnational Corporations.

They have zero relationship with true security for American citizens at this point. It is a wholly corrupt Institution.

People should not join such an evil Institution in the first place.

You might just as well join "Skull and Bones", or the CIA, or work for Goldman Sachs or J.P. Morgan.

Do something positive with your life instead, and stay away from the Military!!

and there is your flaw

"Sorry but the U.S. Military is only concerned with..."

You lump every service member in with the decisions at the top. I am part of the US military, and I am not concerned with World Empire and yada yada yada (unless you consider that I very much abhor it). I joined for purposes of national defense, and am deeply saddened that I've been misused. I do intend to get out after my contract is complete, but I'm proud to say I offered myself for a period of time.

Stop looking at things so black and white. A standing military for national defense is reasonable and rational. What the people let that military get used for is not the fault of those who want to serve.

Waiting for an exception like Abu Ghraib or something...

NO Flaw: I didn't serve

And I am very proud of that.

Maybe you joined for "purposes of defense", but you should've realized that right after WWII, this Country made a giant, giant, corrupt departure from simple "defense" way back in 1947.

In 1947, with the National Security Act of 1947, it created the (unholy) National Security State, and Institutionalized wholly unconstitutional things like the CIA (American Gestapo), the National Security Council, Mind-Control, and it was then where we became no longer a Republic formed about "Freedom", or around FDR's "Four Freedoms" -- but instead a Country now dedicated to making Perpetual, 24/7, Global Warfare.

And, after The Kennedy Assassination, and The Vietnam War -- I'm surprised that anyone with their eyes open would be fooled enough to ever join the U.S. Military ever again at that point.

This is a corrupt Institution.

If you had joined thinking that Defense was the goal, then you didn't do your (required) homework. If you want to "serve", maybe you should join the ACLU, or some group that is actually fighting for some Constitutional, and Human Rights issues.

The U.S. Military is a criminal group, and they can never ever serve the interests of Americans, and they have not for the last 65+ years.

""Sorry but the U.S. Military

""Sorry but the U.S. Military is only concerned with..."

You lump every service member in with the decisions at the top."

Or maybe he's not lumping every member together but rather is talking about the institution as a whole. In which case he's right. I view the people who join up as well meaning good people who are being cruelly used and deceived by our government. I want to see them bring the troops home (including Germany and Japan) and give them some start up money out of all that foreign aid we're pissing away on dictators just so the CIA and state dept. can add another new colony to Washington's already bloated empire.

every empire thought exactly the same way

just before the collapse.

Our Military is Corrupt!

Our Military flouts International Law.
Our Military lies to its own people.
Our Military slaughters innocent civilians, and then laughs about it.
Our Military Tortures real live human beings.
Our Military shoots first, and worries about guilt sometime later.
Our Military put Bradley Manning in jail, and wants to kill him, for doing the right thing.
Our Military "doesn't do death counts".
Our Military treats mass-murder like it were just a "video game".
Our Military represses and brainwashes its own people, BANS Web Sites, and criminalizes freedom of though, and free speech.
Our Military is the greatest purveyor of Bloodshed on the planet.
Our Military is NOT heroic, it is tyrannical, despotic, and barbarian.



Our Military is a traitor to our founders, and it has totally failed to secure our Independence, and protect us from the Rothschilds, and the British Empire.

Instead it acts as their servants, and on behalf of GLOBAL GOVERNMENT, and World Empire (Rothschilds).

This is not a success story.
It is a story of shame, failure, treason, enslavement, and massive human atrocities!

Veteran Cops are the worst.

many of them once there out become cops and have made up most of the violent and worse police brutality scenes. its as if they lose their conscience and chosen law abiding people as their enemies. Probably in world war 2 i would have had respect for military when they actually defended the country but now they just listen to their masters and do anything they say. They have the opportunity to rip the elites head off at any moment and they choose not to when they do horrible things to the people and them as well. They don't defend this country anymore they attack and kill whoever the elites want them to.

19 Arabs who rode camels and

19 Arabs who rode camels and carried boxcutters beat our military. And instead of the military taking the real perps in our government and in the White House into custody, they went chasing camel jocks wearing turbans who lived 7000 miles away.

RON PAUL 2012 * Restore America * Bring The Troops Home

It is the leadership that was responsible, not the

soldiers who follow their orders. I seriously doubt that a majority of those in the military want to be in Iraq or elsewhere fighting and suffering so that the US Empire and the NWO can dominate the world.

"Bend over and grab your ankles" should be etched in stone at the entrance to every government building and every government office.


The Nuremberg Trials established very clearly that the excuse of just following orders was not valid in absolving one from guilt and from punishment (for War Crimes).

Yes, the leadership was responsible, but so were all the other people who fell-in-line with the leadership, and did not mutiny, and did not resign, and did not do the right thing.

We need to get to a point where they may hold a War: ...but nobody comes.....nobody participates....nobody is fooled.

Until then, everybody has blood on their hands, and they are all GUILTY.

Here's why...


We spend as much as the rest of the world COMBINED! All on the credit card mind you...

“Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable.”
- President John F. Kennedy

oops, DP

I always marveled at all those double posts, and today I got my first and still didnt catch how it happened. Sorry my friends! :)

I'm sure it's been said before, but in this age of great technology and on a board the is supposed to support choice, I don't understand why we can't delete our own posts if we choose.

No one NEEDS to beat our

No one NEEDS to beat our military, we are being devoured from within. Our military doesn't even serve US anymore. Hell, can someone here name the last time it did!?!

I come from a line of vets, but the time for holding back the truth is long past. It may already be too late. The US military's next innocent victims may be us.

Great post! Have you read

Great post!

Have you read Tom Mullens essay "Fighting for our freedom?"


In Viet Nam

we won all the battles..but we lost the war.

In Vietnam, nothing was won.

In Vietnam, nothing was won.

The military complex won

And won Big $$!!!
at the mere pittance of a few hundred thousand lives

A patriot must always be prepared to defend his country from his government.

I think when the Viet Cong

saw the last few helicopters bugging out from the embassy...and the commies came marching down the street and all those thousands of people were rounded up..and when the American and Vietnamese generals met to sign the papers ending the war...I am pretty damn sure that meant that Viet Nam won...and we lost.