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Alex Jones a fake? I think so...


This is just a primer for you to watch.

I believe in globalism, Bilderberger, etc, so this is not about if conspiracies are real or whatever. This is only about Alex Jones who fakes cries, bullies, and says the weirdest stuff in the world at the drop of the hat to detour people who use sound logic to traverse through life. He keeps the normal person who isn't skeptical about government from hearing the truth by making us who are skeptical of the government look like extremist wackos. He has been dividing the liberty movement for a long time while bank rolling hard. Nobody stands up to this blowhard and I think it is about time a lot of people join together and expose him.

I personally think he is the epitome of controlled opposition and wraps poison in truth while fear-mongering on a level I have never witnessed before. He rarely gives any good solutions only more and more fear or to buy his products.

The fake crying and bad acting should be enough proof of how fake he is. We really don't need such a negative person doing all they can to control a sector of a wonderful movement.

Flame away, even though I would like to keep this civil.

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booboognu a fake?

Who are you Booboognu? Alex Jones is a good man.

No matter what your personal opinion of Alex Jones is, just remember that it was his show that Ron Paul announced that he would run for president back in 2007. That Alex Jones defended Rand Paul, even when all the MSM sent their blitzkrieg of negative press after him. I don't like the way he represents the liberty movement sometimes but I believe that Alex Jones is a patriot speaking the truth that sometimes even some of us liberty minded people don't want to hear. I believe that it takes a lot of courage to do what he does and until you come with a real argument on why you disagree with him, I think you should shut the f*** up and worry about what your doing to spread the message of freedom.

For what it's worth...

There have been military troops occupying St. Louis. They were supposed to leave on the 28th of June. I've been trying to find out more information, but of course there's a news blackout. This was posted under another thread. A person advised that Alex Jones had a caller on his program supposedly living in St. Louis who was reporting troops demolishing houses, smashing windows, etc.

Couple of things to note about this. Alex repeatedly referred to North St. Louis, but this alleged 'witness' specifically mentioned that this demolition was occurring everywhere north of Manchester. I live north of Manchester on a major highway and there's been nothing of the sort here.

While I have little doubt that those troops are still in the area they're certainly not around here.

I listen to AJ daily and

I listen to AJ daily and enjoy his show even though I may not always believe everything he says and hears, but I keep an open mind.

I heard that female caller and called in immediately and informed him she was incorrect. I went down Manchester and north as she stated and have friends over there and nothing has happened. He thanked me for the correction. He does get some crazies to call in ( attention seekers ), but he also gets a lot of good callers too.

The cops and police calling in were correct though. We've all been told and heard something may happen and many of us were told to hide weapons and ammo in case. Now does that mean something WILL happen? Not at all. Also, many of us in the police and fire sector here were not and still aren't happy with the training that went on here nor did we agree with it.

Dedicated to restoring Constitutional government

to the United States of America is the why I come to this site. Is it possible that Alex Jones' site could be the better well spent "time and place" used to influence AJ fans?

Glad that all people can express themselves while others have the choice to listen and believe; or not.

For liberty.


I try and think of how Dr. Paul would view alex.
i think he would see him as a vehicle to get his message out.
I think Dr. Paul would agree with alex when possible and always be respectful as he is with birchers and code pinkers and homeschoolers.
I think he would present his message and let alex decide if he chooses to join.
But do I think Paul would trust alex?
and i wouldnt either.

"OH NO! He has a SON?" Neoconservatives and Liberals EVERYWHERE!

Rand Paul 2016

Alex Jones == a leftist Glenn Beck == Controlled Opposition

Screw Alex Jones.

Like Glenn Beck he puts out just enough good info over time to get you to trust him; then he throws your ass under the bus come election day.

Just ask Debra Medina!

Phuck Alex Jones!!!


Right on, man

this is basically what I have been saying. People really seem to not like their cult leader exposed because it means they have to admit they were fooled. Oh well, maybe one day the truth will come out.

Its so easy

for people here to judge those who are still being fooled by Glenn Beck. Its really hard for them to admit that they are being fooled in the same way. The information that Beck Alex gives out is mostly good, after all. And both have woken alot of people up.

AJ is full of Hype, but I question your motives too.

After all the OP admits to favoring Bilderberg, globalism etc.

Enough said, where does the propaganda end ?


"Take hold of the future or the future will take hold of you." -- Patrick Dixon


You got me. My wording definitely is suspicious. Good eye.


Jones leads people to the same conclusion that Austrian econ would lead them to after much study, i. e., that arbitrary government power is extremely dangerous. I see him as useful to the movement in that way. People who can't or won't get their brains around the intricacies of government systems and free markets can definitely understand that DC is full of mass murdering pedophiles, and that something needs to be done about it, now.

I can't see the CIA, or whoever, turning a Jones loose to whip people into a frenzy with truth, in order to gain some long term strategical advantage. It would be too convoluted and risky. Most of the government schemes, as we've seen, are pretty simplistic and mafia-like. Counterfeit currency, steal elections, pump out contradictory nonsense on TV 24/7....It's all based on looking you in the eye and lying to you, not on letting you know what they're really about in order to get you to do something, someday.

And, what if Jones is Bill Hicks? No way Hicks would be a double agent.


What I was thinking! Sure, AJ can get a little carried away but after knowing all he knows, who wouldn't? He may be a little crazy, but in this screwed up world, it's hard not to go crazy!

Also, the crowd that claims "Alex Jones is a Zionist shill/Israeli agent" are S###ing themselves. I've heard Alex talk far more about the topic than any other big name talk show host. Hell, Glenn Beck wouldn't touch it with a ten foot pole.


"We're going to take the government out of your bedroom, your bloodstream, your brain, your bladder, your business, your billfold, your back pockets, your bingo halls and your Internet bulletin boards." -Gatewood Galbraith

Fake or not, he's still going

Fake or not, he's still going to the disposal camps once we finally get this world government thing under way.

We're gonna build a burger... out of patriot meat!

AJ does

look soft like some tasty veal. *creepy Hannibal Lecter slurps*

Yeah those fat little out of

Yeah those fat little out of shape weaklings have the tenderest meat!

Especially men from Texas!

Two questions for OP

Who do you approve of in the Liberty movement? Personal name or organization is fine.

Do you think there would be more people as awake without AJ radio show for the last 15 years?


Liberty = Responsibility

For political insight and info...

Josh Tolley is brilliant, or whomever gives him his insight is brilliant.

Conspiracy etc? Myself and my own studies. Bill Coopers seems legit. My studies have led me to believe a lot of what he said AGES ago about it not being the Jews, bankers, corporations, etc etc, but it being a group of people who feel they have secret knowledge that us "muggles" don't have. Allen Watt has some good insight, and is someone who questions Alex Jones, but has also been on Alex Jones' documentaries. Edward G Griffin is good too.

A lot of what Alex has to say is true, but his delivery which has me to question his motives are 100% destructive. He takes people on a journey into his world of fear and leaves them there naked, confused, and vulnerable. I believe if you expose people to something, then you need to take responsibility for where it takes them. Others claim AJ does offer solutions, and, well, I don't see those solutions and I have listened to him a lot. Gave the guy countless chances thinking maybe I was being too hard on him or maybe I am deceiving myself. Nope, Alex "Manbaby" Jones will never get an ounce of my respect because I see him as a gatekeeper for the truth/liberty movement. As long as he has a prominent voice in the movement, he bottlenecks the amount of people who will join us.

Another gatekeeper is David Icke. Anyone who listens to some newage theosophist who does DMT and automatic writing to get his so-called "reptilian" information needs to wake up, unless of course, you are a newager. David has said he was at the crucifixion of Christ and that Christ didn't die... hahha. What is funny, is that is what disciples of Alice Baily and Blavatsky have said also. People that are involved with Thrive and Zeitgeist who are part of the NGOs associated with the UN.

So you have someone who believe in reptiles and a grown man who fake cries as voices in this movement that tons subscribe to. Who in their right mind is going to give those guys the time of day, unless they are already on their path to where a lot of us are now? A Fox News neocon isn't gonna be budged by Alex Jones, but others who use tact, reasoning, and keep their cool while delivering things in a more factual manner could end up making this movement explode with neocon-verts. I hope someone out there is sharpening their skills to get a crack at it... I am going in a different direction with how I want to change media etc.

Everyone has a product to sell...

...I don't know that I think Alex is a bad guy at all, but take into account the fact that he needs material for his show EVERY DAY, and he needs a lot of it. So you take the bad with the good. He will often have some really good info for you, but he can't just cancel his show on days when there isn't anything new, so he often has to just keep the loud speaker on even when there is nothing important to yell. It's just business. Like any other form of media, just use your logical thinking brain to take the good from it, and discard the bad.

Free market capitalism isn't right for America because it works better. It's right because it's free (and it works better).

* Please take time to read AND VOTE UP *

I don't like this subject because it's so polarizing but I happen to know the real answer so I'm going to post it in the hopes that someone listens (though I really doubt it lol). If you are too busy to read to the end I'll tell you up front what the problem/answer is and you can research it on your own. This is about "dark ectasy", that is the problem. Look up Jeffrey Grupp, he explains everything about it. Also please read at least the last paragraph of this post, it has the answer.

He is one of a very small group of honest researchers who knows what this game is all about. You guys that think you are "awake" have no idea how deep this goes. People talk about conspiracy as if it's a rare thing. Hey, I got news for ya, conspiracy is the norm, it's how all politics are run. It's an intricate web that very few can follow. Which is why you guys need to focus.

Take the 9/11 "truth" movement for instance. For the most part it's been a collosal failure. It's been 11 years with unlimited manpower and researching and nobody knows the full truth about what happened that day.

Guess what, you probably never will. And it doesn't matter, those theories are there to deplete your energy, divide you and wear you down.

So instead of wasting energy trying to align yourself with a pundit or "source" of info on a particular "theory", you need to just be a person unto yourself. Have your own opinion, have your own interpretation. And more important agree to disagree and move on based on the CORE things that people can rally around to produce a critical mass. The core issue of the 9/11 movement should be that it was a contrived event on varying levels. Period. That's all you need.

That's the essence of the Ron Paul movement. And I gotta say some of you guys are doing a marvelous job of self-destructing because your leadership is "faltering".

This is about energy. It's simple physics.

People like Alex Jones imo are a huge fraud and what amounts to being the Glenn Beck version of the alternative media movement. He and Beck simply play off one another. It's a very clever deception really and Jones is one of the best at what he does.

If you'll notice he is constantly screaming at his audience and calling them "scum" etc (though he is "being sarcastic" and playing the role of the elitist). But at the same time he is programming your mind by calling you scum over and over again.

We humans are highly susceptible to suggestion. Now I'm not saying that it will affect everyone equally, but it does wear people down.

So in summary, you possess a certain amount of time/energy. Use it wisely and effectively.

Aguing about minutiae on a blog is a giant waste of time.

The occupy movement was just the 3D version of a blog about people arguing over minutiae (LMAO!)

So look, if you want to be effective, then you need to "take ground" so to speak. Treat this situation as one would look at a strategy in a war. You have troops, you have assets, etc. And you need to decide how to deploy them in a STRATEGIC fashion. Right now you guys are extremely agitated and mobilized. But that won't last forever. Eventually you will lose interest/energy and fail to make a dent against your enemy. So you need to "take ground" now and HOLD IT! That was the key that the occupy movement never understood. And that is the key that the Ron Paul movement has been focusing on but you guys are not implementing it enough. You need to take ground, and I don't care if it's state senate, county commissioner, sheriff, or dog catcher. YOU take that ground and hold it! And then get others into similiar positions and fortify your positions. Your enemy has been out-organizing you for centuries, they are masters at this game. There will always be leaders, so let's make sure they are ethical ones. You guys need to stop the bickering over people like Alex Jones (who is just a radio host and has for the most part ZERO impact on your daily life) and get down to some serious work. TAKE GROUND by getting elected or nominated or hired into a position of influence where you can do something positive and hold that position. Do not compromise, do not sell out, do not harm others, do not take on the affectations of your former oppressor, and above all help and aid others in any way you can.

Be good

If you're not first...you're last! ~ Reese Bobby

I agree

That was a very good point. I will keep that in mind. Positive energy with solid position.

Thank you

Alex Jones is supposed to be

Alex Jones is supposed to be polarizing, that's why he exists.

Jones purpose is to make people either A. think he's nuts or B. follow him and defend every single thing he does.

Alex Jones is the definition of divide and conquer.

Denise B's picture

I agree with what

you are saying and I think you make a lot of very good points, not the least of which is that this discussion about A. Jones is a colossal waste of time. I too have spent far too much time today on this topic; however, I also think that this is exactly what Alex talks about all the time, an information war...and we all need to be careful about where we draw our opinions from and not believing anything we hear or read until it can be personally verified. That being said, I don't know Alex Jones personally, but I do know that there are a huge number of things he has enlightened me about that I have taken the time to research and found to be exactly true.

Is it beyond all possibility that he also has a secret agenda? I suppose you would have to be either really stupid or really naive to put 100% faith in any man or person - I am a Christian and one thing I have learned is that without God's direct intervention in our lives, we all have a price... But I also have learned that if you are going to try to tear somebody down, you better have some concrete proof of what you're saying, and this article certainly wasn't that. I need a little more than a cut and spliced video, taken out of context to convince me. If somebody can provide REAL proof of anyone in this movement being corrupt or cointelpro, I will look at it. Until then, I agree that this has been a colossal waste of everyone's time.

On to more productive things...

So you live

your life waiting for others to prove and disprove things for you?

Alex Jones has a secret agenda?

Yes. About 5 million of them sitting in his bank account.

He must be evil

Because he has more than you...
Sounds familiar

Liberty = Responsibility

Oh dear god...

I don't care that he's rich, and it doesn't bother me how he makes his money, or P.T. Barnum for that matter....as Barnum coined 'there's a sucker born every minute.'
I just think it's funny that he sits on a mountain of money yet incessantly whines and complains how he can barely keep his empire up and running, how his equipment is always breaking down, and how he's always working on a shoestring budget, then he has an 'Infowars money bomb marathon' and idgits 'donate to the infowar' to the tune of $200k in a 24 hour period. Pretty nice haul for a day's work. My point is that his motives don't seem so pure. Do they to you?

He also uses

a "micropayment" kinda business model like zygna and other crappy "farmville" game companies use. Those companies make TONS of cash.

Anyway, most things are free and 95% of the people who play the games never would consider paying for something that is free. But there is a 5%(also known as "white whales") who become addicted to the game and drop tons of cash to power-level their farm/account to complete with other "white whales". Well, the same thing happens when someone is shocked into a state of fear and are wanting more than what is offered for free, so they buy a lot of the infowars products because they don't have the time or knowledge to research it on their own. They want to be "fast tracked" to the top and have it all. Then you have all the cash that comes in from food storage, water treatment ads, etc, kinda like how with Farmville you can get credits by using the ads.

Nothing wrong with making money. But there is something wrong when you act like a poor good ol boy who is needing some cash to keep fightn' da gud fight against da guberment, ya'll.

i have to say i've become

i have to say i've become pretty skeptical of alex jones. this whole olympics false flag whistleblower story he's pushing seems like blatant disinfo to me.

i appreciate the things he's helped wake myself and others to, but im wondering more and more if the stage is being set for a widescale discrediting of people in search of truth. more widescale than what we've seen in the past.

9/11 was a false flag. this should be taken as fact, and i believe we will see this in the history books one day. But i also do believe there will be a greater push by the powers that be to inflict harm on this awakening of false flags as a political tactic. And disinfo and derision will be their tools.

In my opinion it doesn't help when one of the faces of the "truth movement" gloms on to any random whistleblower without objectively viewing the pitfalls of the claim.

RP is dangerous, so dangerous

Like I said. I may not always

Like I said. I may not always believe everything he says or talks about, but I keep an open mind. I simply sit back and wait and see. He says prepare and nothing wrong with being prepared for anything. Best case, nothing happens and life goes on. Worst case, he's correct. It's like anything. It's a wait and see game.

He does bring up a lot of great topics though that at least make you think if anything.