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VANC: A Workable Plan to Elect Ron Paul in November by Circumventing the Electronic Voting Machines

After Ron Paul wins the nomination in Tampa, there needs to be plan in place for circumventing the rigged electronic voting machines. The plan below, the VANC Plan (Vote Absentee, and Notarize a Copy) is one such strategy that needs to be promoted, starting immediately:

1. Prepare to vote via absentee ballot. This is a paper ballot that is sent to you in advance from your state’s Board of Elections. You must request an absentee ballot. They are not sent automatically, and every state has its own rules; there is a timeline for registering. Investigate these details now, and register in time to vote absentee. “Absentee Ballot Guides” at LongDistanceVoter.org will walk you through the steps of the absentee voting process.


2. Spread the word, and make this plan go viral. Encourage as many Ron Paul supporters as possible to register for absentee ballot-voting in November. With various "Get Out the Vote “ campaigns in place across the country, registering as an absentee is now easier than ever.

3. Before the absentee ballot deadline in your state, make a photocopy of the entire front page of your absentee ballot with your Ron Paul vote clearly marked and readable. Do this before detaching any removable receipt stubs should your state provide a removable receipt stub -- not all states have them.

4. Take the photocopy of your Ron Paul vote along with the entire original absentee ballot to a notary public. Have the photocopy notarized while keeping the original ballot available for viewing in case the notary asks to see it.

5. Save the notarized photocopy of your vote along with any removable receipt stubs that may be provided (Remember: not all state ballots have removable receipt stubs) and submit the original absentee ballot according to the guidelines of your state.

6. Fax a copy of the notarized document to (XXX-XXX-XXXX, number to be determined) or scan/photograph the notarized document and email the digital image to a volunteer organization like WatchTheVote2012 where documents from across the country will be collected, organized, and tallied by state. (Please note: As of the publishing of this document, permission has been requested of WatchTheVote2012 to fulfill this aspect; no agreement has yet been formalized.)

This is a grassroots endeavor for producing a viable, paper tally of Ron Paul votes across the nation in case we need to demand an election recount. Following the steps above, we create an alternative, verifiable election process. This plan is ©VANC 2012 and may be shared verbatim by displaying the notice ©VANC 2012. Genuine appreciations for your support!

A file.doc of the VANC plan is available for circulation at https://docs.google.com/document/d/1KmtAJOFGYCWRjEFCYpxlormW...

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three carbon copies

3 multi colored carbon copies of every ballot. problem solved

Don't hate the player, hate the game!!!



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I'm all for doing ANYTHING WE CAN to overcome the black box voting, have worked hand-in-glove with WTV2102.com, and Jim Condit, Jr. is a friend of mine.

Not sure how even proving that we have 70% of absentee ballots would prove anything much though. Can you explain in more detail what your thinking is here?


"Truth is an absolute defense to the charge of paranoia."

Just Doing My Best to Devise -- But There Is One Potential Flaw

The best case scenario would be to make this go viral, and to get every single Ron Paul voter on earth aboard. That would involve:

• Getting Alex Jones, Bev Harris, Mat Larson and hundreds of other volunteer Ron Paul supporters behind this;
• Blasting cyberspace with a united front (no infighting) so that everyone voting for Ron Paul would support this plan and vote absentee ballot;
• Getting everyone to make a notarized copy of their votes and to send copies to a central source that people trust (like WatchTheVote2012);
• Establishing a verifiable count in numbers that would get Ron Paul elected in state after state.
• Essentially "side stepping" or overriding the black box voting machines with a system of verifiable paper ballots (i.e., absentee paper ballots) that have already been put in place by the establishment.

After all, that's what we have been doing in state after state with the delegates counts -- using one element of the establishment's system to outmaneuver the balance.

But in writing this, I've just seen the potential fly in the ointment. There is no way on our end, say at WatchTheVote2012, to be certain that every copy we receive is not counterfeit. What is to stop a little old lady in Kalamazoo, for example, from falsifying a handful of fake absentee ballots and sending them to us?

Bah! Curtains! Any suggestions around this?


Just so I understand then...

You are saying:

1. We should get all Ron Paul voters to write him in should he not "officially" win the nomination in Tampa?
2. Hope that the number of absentee ballots in the general election for RP is greater than EITHER the black-box-reported totals for Romney or for Obama?

I.e. the plan is to get Ron Paul elected by having the courts declare that he was the winner despite what the Secretaries of States in the fifty states nay "certify?"

Am I close...?

"Truth is an absolute defense to the charge of paranoia."

Close, Yet the Plan Is More for "When/After RP Wins in Tampa"

Because the black box voting machines are rigged and cannot be trusted, many of us have been looking for a way to convert the country to paper ballots in time for the November election. Since that is most likely NOT going to happen. The above plan is to Mickey-rig a paper trail vote in spite of the corrupt machines.

The basis of the plan is to avoid the machines. Yes, the same steps could be used to verify Ron Paul votes in a "write-in" situation. Mostly, however, it is a strategy for electing Ron Paul to the White House AFTER he wins the nomination in Tampa and is in contest with Obama. Something like this plan might serve as a means of verifying an honest election without depending on the crooked black box machines to give us a fair shake.

If this was successful, then yes, it would give us a foot in the door to argue Ron Paul's nomination by having the courts declare him as the winner despite the black box vote tallies and what Secretaries of States in the 50 states otherwise "certify."

Arg! The battle continues.


I think the chances of the RP coming out of the convention declared the nominee (short of a major miracle) by the corrupted NWO-serving RNC are remote.

It might pay to brainstorm how to get this done under a write-in campaign, but it would be a major communication task, especially as th paid campaign will not support any such effort.

"Truth is an absolute defense to the charge of paranoia."

I Tend to Agree -- It's a Daunting Task

As long as the RP delegates don't fold, we still stand a chance in Tampa. Perhaps the L4RP lawsuit will be decided by then, ousted delegates will be reinstated, and all delegates will be officially unbound by court order -- that would be a huge step forward towards getting Ron Paul on the ballot and turning this thing around.

A lot also depends on the message Dr. Paul delivers to the hoards on August 26, 2012. If he continues to emphasize "polite and respectful" over "Yeah, we're dangerous" that is apt to cast a pall across any potentially radical upheavals.

Meanwhile, Rand Paul appears to be held political hostage in the wings. Strange times!

I also read your post called "Romney Was Promised The Nomination By The RNC Four Years Ago." It's difficult (if not impossible) to fight City Hall. Still, the fat lady has yet to sing. Hang in.

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I'm already on the vote-by-mail list. I'm bookmarking this thread for future reference.

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Good info and idea!

Lady Hawk, I hope you don't mind that I posted your thread in this one:


This way your idea can also be reflected there and added to a list of to-do's.

Thank you! Spread the Word. Let's Make this Go Viral.

Be sure to explain this system thoroughly with all 5 parts. We need to:

1. Register to vote absentee;
2. Get as many other RP loyalists as possible to register to vote absentee as well and to follow this plan;
3. Make a notarized copy of your Ron Paul vote while you still have the original ballot to show the notary if necessary;
4. Submit the absentee ballot according to the guidelines of your state;
5. Work in conjunction with an online volunteer group like WatchTheVote2012, which has the organization in place to receive faxed and scanned copies of votes from all over the nation and to tally the counts.

The above 5 steps, when enacted in unison, will allow us to demand that the Powers That Count The Votes in every state of the nation MATCH our numbers.

Great idea, except they often

Great idea, except they often don't bother to count those absentee ballots. They get put in a box and tucked away. No different than provisional ballots. Paper ballots are ignored.

Blessings )o(

Step 6: We Would Have a Website and Fax # for Tallying the Votes

In order to organize this properly, we need to work hand-in-hand with a volunteer group like WatchTheVote2012, which is already set up to receive scanned documents and hand-tally vote counts. WatchTheVote2012 has acknowledge the plan and has not yet committed. We are waiting to first make sure that Ron Paul successfully garners the nomination in Tampa since the VANC plan will NOT work as a "write-in" alternative; far too many states do not allow for write-ins. After Tampa, the VANC plan will create a grassroots system for producing viable, verifiable numbers -- an "alternative" national election, if you will.