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WOW! They actually pled guilty: GlaxoSmithKline Admits to Criminal Fraud

(NaturalNews) British registered company, GlaxoSmithKline, faces $3 billion in penalties after pleading guilty to the biggest health care fraud case in history. GSK admitted that physicians had been bribed to push potentially dangerous drugs in exchange for Madonna tickets, Hawaiian holidays, cash and lucrative speaking tours. They also admitted distributing misleading information regarding the antidepressant Paxil. The report claimed that it was suitable for children, but failed to acknowledge data from studies proving its ineffectiveness in children and adolescents.

GSK faced charges that they had used the gifts to sell three drugs that were either unsafe, or used for purposes that were not approved. The first drug, Paxil also known as Seroxat, was touted as safe and effective for children and adolescents. The ineffectiveness of Paxil, and the link to suicides, meant that it was banned for kids under 18-years-olds in 2008.

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How could this happen? Aren't

How could this happen? Aren't they regulated? It must be a failure of the free market.


This is an eye-opener. Proves that socialized medicine is NOT the answer to corporate greed in medicine.

Corporate shenanigans...

This happened in 2003. Why has it taken so long???

This gave GSK over eight years to move the people to blame onto early retirement, or given a nice payoff settlement to keep quiet.

Then when the case made it to court, they claim that this all happen years ago, and they now have a better policies in place etc. etc.

No one ever goes to jail for fraud/illegal practice...

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What about the doctors who acted as whores

at the expense of their patients' health?

The American Medical Association and/or state Medical Boards should be actively investigating physicians, medical practices and hospitals for any signs of complying with this lovely little scheme.


where is all this $ going? not to the victims im sure!

The biggest health care fraud is committed by

the government. Medicare, Medicaid, Obamacare, ad infinitum.

And why aren't the doctors who took the bribes being arrested? This is like prosecuting the hooker and not the john. You can't have a seller without a buyer.

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Agreed - maybe not arrested but at the very least

they should lose their medical license privileges.

Taking doctors out on the

Taking doctors out on the town and forcing some of them to listen to (possibly) exaggerated merits of your study? That sounds like subtle bribery. That kind of behaviour is only acceptable in politics and timeshare sales.

The side effects of paxil are increased risk of suicide? (?according to the FDA?). HELLO, its prescribed to depressed people. Depressed people reported greater thoughts of suicide than the general population? This is a shocker. It must be the drug used to treat the depression.

Like it or not,this is SOP in sales. I dont endorse mind altering drugs for anybody but the study results are predictable. Doctors still have no obligation to the salesmen (and nevermind the Hippocratic oath of society's best and brightest). And what are your options as an exec when the US govt says "pay up". Try not paying income tax. Its extortion at gunpoint.
Lets stop making every corporation out to be evil.

You are correct

All sales people in every industry behave this way to secure sales. From the defense department contracts to plumbers. Taking doctors to dinner was not the problem. It is simply used to demagogue the situation.

you don't know what you are talking about

I was on wellbutrin to quit smoking and didn't have thoughts of suicide EVER IN MY LIFE up until i tried to get off of it.


when you say doctors and nurses aren't persuaded by the gifts??? Are you kidding? These drug rep's have intimate relations with the doctors offices and take them out to dinner regularly, and it continues to this very day because it works so well.

And by the way, Doctors are in the business of making money not curing people, just like Big Pharma.

I sincerely hope you feel

I sincerely hope you feel better and were able to work through your issues. I know quitting smoking can be tough.

These practices were ended years ago in anticipation of a $3B fine. That kind of money makes heads roll. The practices were used by an acquired company prior to merger.

As an engineer ive been to lunch with product salesmen. They say "use my product it can do all of these great things." Of course they say that. As an expert and professional you have to be able to evaluate critically and ultimately judge the merits on your own. Can i say to a client, sorry your building fell down but the salesman said his product would work in any situation. I didnt bother to look into it.

Doctors have the same option and i am skeptical that masses of doctors felt obligated to start prescribing drugs, against the their honest opinion of whats best interest of patients, because someone gave them madonna tics. Maybe you need a new doctor if you think hes that shady. . It does seem excessive for a gift but best i can figure, pharma salesman have no way to check up on who is actually prescribing their drug.


the herd.

not following your reply

Maybe its the drugs ;) but i do have addl comment. If it werent for GSK and other pioneers in the industry madic johnson and elton john (and perhaps someone you care about) would be dead by now. Canada's system didnt come up w life saving hiv treatment. Cantblame them for lobbying. Protectionism and lobbying are a natural consequence of big govt.

YOu should research more before posting

You clearly do not understand what your commenting on. Hiding data on the safety or efficacy of drugs is a really big deal. Mind altering drugs can do things like send the brain into a bipolar wave and make people suicidal. Just because someone is depressed, or is going through a stage of grief about something, or is really stressed out and doesnt know how to cope & gets prescribed meds, does not account for the drug induced chemical imbalances that can cause behavior abnormal for that person, including suicide. BTW the drug industry suppresses CURES all day long, on purpose, that are safe and work but they cannot patent it and therefore actively suppress it so they can keep raking in the $$$. So be careful defending their contribution to life saving drugs. Some of the drugs in HIV cocktails are in dispute, and the main one they used AZT, kills people as it kills DNA of all cells and the person will waste away. Sound familiar? Yeah, doctors have testified that when their dying AIDS patients get so sick they stop taking their drugs, and they gain weight, get healthier, and they are so terrified of dying they get back on the drugs and start wasting away again. The corruption in this industry is staggering.

My only point was that drug

My only point was that drug studies are complicated and it is impossible to isolate interaction. Depressed people have been thought to already have chemical imbalances. Dont just accept the FDA label as safe and do some due diligence of your own if your going to take it. The higher levels of suicide in people being treatwd for depression, and higher levels of heart attacks in people with diabetes (many of which are overweight) does not mean that big business and your doctor have conspired to kill you. If the depression patients started having heart attacks and the overweight people started killing themselves, that would be different. The condition being treated puts them at risk for the side effects before they even take the drugs

Regarding your other comments:

It is absurd to say that there is conspiracy to keep cures hidden. Surely one of the thousands of people involved in the drug r&d would have stepped up to claim their nobel prize.

Years ago, HIV killed people... quickly. Now there is treatment and people live many years. Are therr side effects of treatment? How do they compare to quick and certain death? Absolutely absurd to claim that hiv treatment kills people.

I'm really angry at GSK.

GSK never tried to bribe me. ;-)

This must be pretty old news. None of the drug companies (including GSK) are "bribing" any doctors today. The sales reps can't even give doctors cheap pens or post-its anymore.

Years ago the Pharma cartel decided that they were going to set new standards for "ethical" sales behavior. That's when they decided to "self-regulate" and ban any of their sales reps from offering trinkets like pens or paying for the dinners of spouses when doctors attended their drug dinners (where they explained all of the wonderful benefits of their drugs).

Of course, they didn't lower the costs of their medicines. They spent the money that they saved on lobbyists, direct advertising to patients, and improving their obscene profit margins.

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3,000,000,000 is chump change

3,000,000,000 is chump change when you are us govt and can print/borrow from china/spend in 1 hr. But even for a large multinatl corp that is still a lot of money and will encourage massive corporate protocol to prevwnt future liability. That said, GW set the money aside years ago before acquiring SK because tjey knew it was coming

$3 billion is less than 3% of

$3 billion is less than 3% of GSK's market capitalization and under 7% of one year's revenue. How will they make back that 3 billion? Raise the cost and pass it onto the consumers.......

Hopefully, this admission

Hopefully, this admission will be just one of many such confessions. The pharmaceutical industry just needs to largely disappear along with their expensive, patented drugs (which they rip off from nature). We, the people. need natural cures, not artificial ones. Restoration of more limited and sane intellectual property guidelines (eliminate most IP law) would do wonders for everything and everyone except the big, international pharmaceutical companies.

Do you know why they plead guilty?

Do you know why they plead guilty? Because 60% of their US business revenue comes from the Federal Government. And if they don't settle the federal government threatens to not longer purchase their drugs through the Medicare and Medicaid programs.

Were these drugs FDA

Were these drugs FDA approved?

FDA is corrupt too

They are not much more than an arm of the pharma industry these days.

Then we have a new argument

Then we have a new argument to make when people say all hell would break loose without the FDA. They don't do their jobs anyway. And, correct me if I'm wrong but the government was celebrating the 3 billion settlement, but they were responsible for not allowing these drugs on the market. Oh hey but we've got the FDA so things like this won't happen. /sarcasm

I tried to upvote you twice.

I tried to upvote you twice. This is great news. It looks like it's all coming unraveled at the same time. Ahhhh...............

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It is, but

it's interesting how all the chess pieces are falling into place. We have the NDAA, the U.N. Agenda 21, and all these FEMA camps just waiting for the STHF. It's going to be interesting.

Big pharma

Yea those scum bags will pay a 2-3 billion fine but the problem is they made hundereds of billions in profit and what about all the lives they have destroyed,I say get not only the fines but get a firing squad ready also!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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