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Countering/Converting Gary Johnson People - Open Thread

This Gary Johnson thing has progressed to where I feel he could end up 'de-railing' the RP/Liberty Movement.

Gonna go out on a limb here and just say it - Gary Johnson will never be president (in 2012 at least).

Assuming that is true, how do we get the GJ people over to 'our' side???

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Lets get real, the "Ron Paul

Lets get real, the "Ron Paul movement" derailed itself, and Gary Johnson has become more appealing in a sense to some supporters and is becoming a popular topic here as a result of the campaigns actions. People here are saying Gary Johnson will never win and he's throwing your vote away and all the other nonsense, it is really insulting considering all the malarkey our boy Ron has had to endure. It is also pretty ironic and sad.

Unsuspecting, willing, blind, controllable herd
Pawns in a covert game conducted by hands we trust
Dominated, compliant and deceptable
Confident that we matter - we don't see that we're but dust.

-Meshuggah "Dancers To a Discordant System"

rp campaign gop/dnc staff derailed the movement.

rp didn't suceed in many ways bec of his staff and rp supporters who feared going against politicians, and gary johnson has the guts to fight establishment and stand on a better libertarian platform that speaks to rp/gj's ideas/background.


I don't think people here...

...for the most part dislike G.J. I just think that the goal here is still in it's process...getting Paul delegates for Tampa. This takes a lot of time, work and focus. I think some are shoving G.J. down the throats. It seems to be taking away from G.J. more than helping. People on this site are very wise to the political process and are very capable of researching candidates themselves if the delegate strategy fails. When people feel they are getting pushed, they go the opposite way...human nature.

You can't convert someone who's already converted.

What are you talking about?

Gary Johnson people ARE Ron Paul people, who actually HAVE a second plan in case Ron Paul doesn't get nominated.

"Gary Johnson people" are people who follow the movement, "Ron Paul people" are people who follow the person.

I'll vote for Johnson as long

I'll vote for Johnson as long as I don't see another post about him on this site prior to the Republican convention. If we can't pull off a coup in Tampa, then we can start to talk about him.

I wish we could pull off a coup.

In Louisiana, the neocons are going to the convention while many Ron Paul delegates will be at home watching the convention on TV. I know many delegates personally who got more votes during the delegate voting at the parish caucus. For the life of me, I don't know why the neocons (who received less votes) will be representing their districts. I will never vote for Romney.

new "vindictive" question:

How does a SECONDARY fallback position "de-rail" a PRIMARY objective?

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We don't. Focus on our delegates.

Do everything you can to get delegates energized. Unlike many of my friends, I have no misgivings about the lawsuit, as I fail to see any minuses to the suit but a whole lot of potential pluses. I fought authority my entire career and found myself a whole lot better off than my peers who "rolled over". If there is any lesson to be learned from Ron Paul's career, it is "never compromise your principles."

You are playing by establishment rule.

establishment wants to make sure ron doesn't go to lib party or 3rd party/indep, hence they created a game for you to become distracted.

that silly, corrupt game is called 'delegate strategy'. that means you have to circumvent the american people and disregard them, and go around making backroom deals or having conversations with delegates to intimidate them or twist their arm or somehow talk them into ignoring the popular vote and backstabbing hte politician whom they initially committed to.

this is teh system rove designed and what rp supporters use while being serial hypocrites (not newt) in saying they want to fight corruption, while at the same time they are playing the same corrupt game and not wanting any changes.

the more the campaign is silent and not avail in the fight, the more donations they get - how odd.


Why Obama?

Can you please tell me what makes Obama a good choice as president? You are obviously an Obama supporter(or romney, it doesn't matter); I would just like to know what is so appealing about a Democrat to a "lib" that has perpetrated the largest attack on civil liberties in history? Have you seriously lost the only good thing progressives stood for? The one thing I always appreciated from progressives was their push for civil freedom and peace. Obama is not for either of those and has proved it with patriot act extensions, NDAA, wars in Libya, afghanistan, Iran sanctions, Drones over US air space, Gitmo, etc.

You guys are the same people that were railing Bush for all of these things, yet you are silent when Obama expands these powers and creates more death and destruction. How can you justify your support for this in your own brain? Are you just ignoring it? Please explain. I am thoroughly confused. I understand that Ron Paul is only a miracle candidate at this point, but why support tyranny?

Why do you keep denying your love for Romney/Tate & co.

why do demand slavery from the gop establishment staff that runs paul and his life and campaign? how foolish to want a man controlled like that.

there is no conservative vrs progressives. when you say that like beck and media and limbaugh say it, you are a sick fool and infact a big progressive as well.

drop your rubbish talk. you are part of the problem - you are in on dividing america along superficial, nonexistant lines and having chaos be created.

you need help. that is why there is not much of a successful revolution, bec you are a serial hypocrite (not newt). when you support paul's staff or give donations to him, you support tyranny.


You didn't answer any of the questions

All you do is go on a tirade. I don't even understand half of the crap you just wrote. Your time here is not going to be long. It is clear YOU are here to DIVIDE amongst party lines. I could care less about r or d. I want my damn country back and people like you are hell bent on not letting it happen.

infact, you are not letting it happen bec you want to help

establishment derail rivals by locking down the 2 party system and keeping all meaningful dissent out.

you are a nut, saying i'm for obama and bush.

relax and re-read. read r wright from libertarian party. look him up and he will explain better.


what is it you want?

What do you want from us by being here talking trash? Can you explain that at least?

you are the one talking thrash and hurting paul.

you need to help paul fight establishment, including getting rid of all infiltrators that rule the campaign and paul's speech and actions. but you insist on siding with those establishmetn infiltrators and making sure they keep driving nails into paul's coffin.



you are either a child or you haven't taken your meds. You have clearly lost your mind.

What a dumb phkn post

The time for converting is over, its the delegates for Paul first if not able then its Gary Johnson..any other talk is just plain fkn stupid.

It's simple. It's Ron Paul.

How difficult is that? Let me say it again---say it with me---
"It's Ron Paul". It's Paul. Simple.
Vote the others down. They can post, we can bump them down. We bump them down, they fade away.
I am supporting Ron Paul until Ron Paul says, "I am no longer running for the Presidency of the United States." Until that happens, I am ONLY supporting Ron Paul for President.
It's simple. It's Paul. It's Paul. It's Paul.



You should spend more time

worrying about the GOP jackbooting our people. Also more worthy of attention is the folks from the liberty movement jackbooting others within the movement that don't seem to follow the status quo of a plurality.

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I'm a Ron Paul guy first and

I'm a Ron Paul guy first and a Johnson second, my tip to everyone who can't take it - Stop looking at the topics with his name on it, if it's put in the "Daily Paul Liberty Forum" Then you should have no problem with that, because that's what Johnson is speaking about - liberty.

I'm annoyed of the posts in the Ron Paul 2012 forum about Gary Johnson, - not the right place or setting the right mood since Paul is still in this.

However, the media is treating Johnson very unfairly, and they have since he ran for the GOP nomination. They won't even include his name on the polls so he could be in the national debates. Also when Ventura was speaking they completely edited out the part where he said he would vote for Gary Johnson. They are against him, and he is a friend of liberty, not an enemy. Discussion can only be good from this point out - no one is forcing anyone to vote for Gary Johnson.

media and rp supporters stand toe to toe when it comes to gj

how funny that while rp supporters complain ron hasn't been treated fairly, (despite that his own staff perpetuates this ill treatment and will not fight media in anyway ever in return for donations), johnson hasn't been kicked by media and many rp supporters alike.

both are saying many of the same things. there is a lot of resentment at another liberty minded candidate giving obamney a challenge or another choice.


Correct. I'm in no way 'Anti-Johnson'

Just saw something that needed to be discussed.

Don't feed the pandas. Ever.

So you've posted two topics

So you've posted two topics that are both negative Johnson even though you're not "Anti-Johnson"?

To end Johnson's campaign and have Ron Paul offer him a cabinet position (wtf?), Asking now to "counter/convert" Johnson supporters, even though we are all liberty minded, and our first choice will always be Paul.

Liberty is more than Ron Paul, it's what he's been saying all along. We need to let these people be heard, and all you're posting is nonsense. Knock it off.

We shouldn't be "countering"

We shouldn't be "countering" Gary Johnson, the only other candidate who comes even close to Ron Paul's positions. It's simple, if Ron Paul can pull off a Hail Mary at the convention and get on the ballot, we'll all be voting for Ron Paul. But if, as is very likely, the Republican nominee is Romney, the choice comes down to writing in Ron Paul or voting for Gary Johnson. In my opinion there's no point in going the write-in route, there are never enough such votes to matter and they are completely ignored by the media and the political establishment. If Gary Johnson can get, say 8% of the vote, causing the Republicans to lose decisively to Obama, that might just wake them up and make the realize that the liberty movement matters and can not be ignored.

Now I know that people say "A vote for Gary Johnson is a vote for Obama." I don't like Obama. He is a war monger, a statist, a big spender, has not stood up for the Bill of Rights, and his Supreme Court and circuit court appointments have been disasters. But really, will Romney be any better? Romney, who said he can attack Iran without congressional authorization? Who created the model for Obamacare? Who has no principles discernible by anyone? Talk to any Republican and about the only argument he can give you in favor of voting for Romney is that he's not Obama. Well, that's not good enough. After all, four years ago people voted for Obama because he was not George W. Bush (and McCain was). Look where that got us.

"Talk to any Republican and

"Talk to any Republican and about the only argument he can give you in favor of voting for Romney is that he's not Obama."

The democrats, with the willing help of the republicans, have now framed the debate.


Offer Johnson the secret recipe to

Dr. No's Donuts?

Don't feed the pandas. Ever.

To be honest this GJ thing

is getting on my nerves as well. I know what he stands on. I don't like his foreign policy and he is not a social conservative. I just could not think of ways to sway them because they chose GJ over Paul to begin with. Paul is still running folks.

you would vote for romney over johnson.

yeah, i don't like johnson's committment to israel. and focusing on social issues clearly means your political views are not credible.

but the sad part is that so many rp supporters would bash any of romney's rivals more than romney. it happened to newt, perry and others and now you want to undermine johnson that ends up favoring romney and him getting unchallenged in general election debates.