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ACLU Launches Smartphone App That Lets Users Secretly Record Police Stops

New Jersey’s branch of the American Civil Liberties Union has taken its mission of policing the police to smartphones.

The ACLU has released an app called “Police Tape” that lets users secretly record police stops.

The ACLU’s Alexander Shalom said the app is easy to use.

“There’s really only three buttons that the user needs to deal with,” Shalom said. “There’s a know your rights button that educates the citizen about their rights when encountering police on the street, in a car, in their home or when they’re going to be placed under arrest, and there’s a button to record audio and a button to record video.”


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Illinois is where they really need them! They tried to put a guy in prison for 40 years for recording a cop there!



Does anyone know what is the name of the LAW in illinois regarding this anti police recording?



Got a link?

wow that's crazy!!

wow that's crazy!!

I think it could be

I think it could be legitmately argued that we now live in a police state. It's not the full blown Soviet Union yet of course but it's certainly not anything like a free country.

another example where the ACLU is on the side of liberty


There are always areas where we can work with groups like this, whether or not we fully agree with all of their actions. You don't have to donate to them, but you can support their causes when they are in line with yours.

With liberty and justice for all...who can afford it.

this thread makes me a bit proud of DailyPaul

Faux News and right wing talk radio have demonized the ACLU as some sort of anti-Christian mob. In reality, they've done great work to protect the bill of rights. Cases where the aclu protects christians are never mentioned by rightwing "news" sources.

A chief criticism of the aclu is that they don't specifically defend 2nd amendment rights, but that's a silly detraction--it's not as if they act to destroy the right to bear arms..

In one case on fox news, michelle malkin claimed the aclu is in bed with the cia thanks to the obama administration. Anyone who's paying attention could tell you this is BS. The aclu regularly expresses their discontent with this admin's civil liberties record. I think it was Anthony Romero, its director, who noted that obama's admin is in many ways worse than Bush.

So I'm very grateful that you all have seen past the media smokescreen regarding this crucial organization.

me too!

there's hope for us yet! lol

What they need is an app

that will upload the video live to a server instead of on the phone. Does this app do that?

x2, bambuser does this and

x2, bambuser does this and lets you record while the screen is locked/off, HOWEVER if you record in high quality the backup data stored locally to the phone will need to be uploaded AFTER the stream or the recorded stream will not have the same quality as the actual video you shot, qik is another alternative but doesn't let you record while the screen is off.

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Qik, Bambuser, Justin.tv,

Qik, Bambuser, Justin.tv, Ustream, and maybe a few others are out there. Many of them even automatically post the feed on your facebook wall so your friends will know what's up. I've had stability problems with all of them though; haven't found one that's stable on Android.

Freedom Wins!

Here you go...

I believe this is what you are looking for my friend http://www.pixiq.com/article/introducing-tapin-the-new-iphon...

Has anyone tried downloading the app yet?

I looked but didn't see it available to me here in Tenn.

If you have an Android device

just search the Play Store for ACLU and you will find it. Not sure about on other platforms. I downloaded it and tested it successfully. They have some bugs to work out, but it seems good so far. This is similar to the FlyRights app that the Sikh Coalition uploaded a couple of months ago:


With liberty and justice for all...who can afford it.

not there anymore

I just searched "aclu" in Cydia and App Store and it's not there... thinking they may have taken it down.

Looks like it is for Android users only


At the end of the article it says:

"An iOS version of Police Tape is expected later this summer."

With liberty and justice for all...who can afford it.

my iPhone will have to wait... I think it's avail in NY tho?

anyone in NY that can see if its avail.?

I am in NY and I can use it

sry for late reply.

With liberty and justice for all...who can afford it.

Recording someone without their knowledge is illegal in some....

states. HOWEVER, you are not engaged in "voluntary conversation" with a police officer. It is a public event and the 1st Amendment applies.

What about when it's against the law to record cops too?

I wonder if any courts have ruled on the constitutionality of those laws

Maryland has. We have a

Maryland has. We have a right to record video and audio of police working in the public. They have no expectation of privacy out in the open.

Freedom Wins!

I call bs on this one

not you, Reconstituter, but on the aclu app.

Granted, it's perfect and perfectly timed. But the ACLU has shown itself to be a Trojan Horse in the past.

Just sayin' it don't smell right is all.

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How so??

do you know about the ACLU and what it does?

how has the ACLU been a Trojan horse in the past?

Okay, figured it out - RED FLAG

Intended or not, this sort of thing, this new app, may cause some people to feel too much of a sense of protection. Like having too much insurance.

People need to think about part 2: now that you've filmed an event will you post it, do interviews etc, or will you feel fear and not put it on youtube???

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They have a checkered past.

It's hard to find someone or some large organization with clean hands.

Just a friendly heads-up.

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any specifics you'd like to share?

or is it just a "feeling"

Its good to be cautious

but sometimes the Liberty movement sees boogeymen everywhere...it may be a well meaning empty gesture buts ok.

Just playing devil's advocate

That's all.

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