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Why Was The Healthcare Ruling 5-4 Instead of 9-0?

Just curious.

I mean, shouldn't a decision that adds to government power, rather from subtracting from it, require a unanimous decision?

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That's just what they do when

That's just what they do when something is not constitutional...but they REALLY REALLY want it to be.

Simply amazing.

All the knowledge, and brain power of the Supreme Court. One would think that the issue would be "clear" and definately "good and legal", and it would be unanimously decided either legal, or not. But noooo. Half of these bafoons see "black" and the other half sees "white". We're cooked.

alan laney

Because this country has not set laws

And our judicial system is democratic just like the rest of our government. Oh you can scream "We are a Republic" but that just means that we are a divided democracy. This just goes to show how dangerous democracy is and why it always degenerates.

There's not much entertainment value in a lop-sided decision

Professional wrestling discovered this decades ago.

Great question.

I'm familiar with Article 1 section 7. That's not the problem.
I can't seem to wrap my head around to motive. That being said, I haven't read all of their arguements either. I'm saving that for this weekend. I can't tell whether they were deliberating on the constitutionality vs unconstitutiionality, or the tax vs not a tax, or the former vis a vis the latter, or party vs party. It's a mess.
I'll see if I can sort it out. Please let me (us) know what you find.