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good question

the answer is no.

in shtf scenario the price of jewelry will drop dramatically as everyone tries to trade their gems in for food/water and real commodities.

Cool, are there any other

Cool, are there any other precious things we can have that will benefit us?

best picks

If you are buying to survive once the world economy collapses, you are best to stick to stuff you would feel "comfortable" buying from a stranger on a street corner. Once the economies collapse you will be trading with people you don't know and most importantly who don't know you.

Would you know what a ruby or diamond is worth if someone offered it to you on a street corner?

So I would stick with silver and gold.

Junk silver looks familiar. People understand its an honest measure. It will trade well. But hiding and porting large sums is difficult.

Gold's advantage is also it's disadvantage. It's easy to conceal and carry a one ounce gold bar, but unless you are trying to buy something bigger it will be hard to make a deal. Your seller might not have $1600 worth of stuff s/he is willing to part with. Even the smallest gold coin holds a lot of value and may not be recognized by your seller. The alternative will be finding someone with enough silver to trade with. The guy with the silver will have the more desirable medium and will thus have the upper hand in the deal.

Our government has confiscated gold in the past and could do likewise with silver as well. So consider at least some durable goods; shovels, hoes, hammers, nails, watering cans, etc.; anything that people are likely to need or want once the stores start going out of business. The problem with these is they take up a lot of space and are cumbersome to transport, plus which will be in demand? I'd say seeds would be a good bet, but they aren't truly durable goods. They can go bad.

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If you have the money, by all means.

However, I suggest the "poor man's silver". It is called lead, and I suggest the popular calibers. Right now ammunition is cheap, untraceable if you pay with cash, easy to store and will be readily trade able, if the SHTF.

I believe you will find 22 caliber, 38 caliber 9 mm and 12 gauge to be your best buys.


Silver and gold are best to invest in, reason being as was mentioned unless you are an expert it is hard to tell if you are getting real gemstones.

Personally I like silver over gold reason being at todays prices:

1600 to invest
Gold = 1593.30 per oz
Silver = 27.41 per oz

1 oz of gold or 58.3 oz of silver for the same money

In my mind it takes less of a move up to make your money on silver.

Gold at its height was 1750-1800?? lets use 1800 from what we bought our gold at today. If gold goes back to its high it will move roughly 200 dollars. To realize that same 200 dollar profit in silver on your initial investment today silver must move roughly 3.30 up. Silver peaked around 37.5 if it goes back to its high that is a 10 dollar move over 58.3 ounces = roughly 580.00

Its a numbers game and what do you like best, currently i like the silver stuff.

As long as you are taking physical possession, then any metal

is a good buy, compared to paper.

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Gems vs metals

Gems have big disadvantage against metals. You cant calculate price of gems easily, their price does not depend on weight and premium only, plus its hard to distinct real gems from similar but much cheaper ones without an expert.


Unless you're talking about large diamonds, diamond prices are over inflated. Most rubies sold are not real (natural) rubies. There is also a huge amount of lab created emeralds being sold. So, personally I'd say no to gemstones.

Platinum has traditionally been more expensive than gold, but is currently trading for less than gold. But, the general public isn't as familiar with it. So, there are good arguments for and against platinum. Palladium and rhodium are also not as well known to the general public as gold, so again there are good arguments for and against them.

Disclaimer - The above are simply my personal opinions and should not be used as an investment guide.

Palladium is in catalytic

Palladium is in catalytic converters. Just a little nugget of that accounts for most of the cost of the converter. So, yeah buy em up, can't really hurt. Its probably wise to stick with coins, as for ease of trade if the SHTF.