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Adam Kokesh Launches Another Personal Attack at Jesse Benton

On a thread to a YouTube video that was created to poke fun at the ongoing feud between Jesse Benton and Adam Kokesh, Adam commented on the thread from his YouTube account saying “Unfortunately, the fight I saw between Jesse and Valori was much more serious than this”.

If Adam is implying what one might think he’s implying, that’s a pretty serious statement. It’s no secret that I’m not a fan of Jesse Benton, but I typically draw the line at saying he did a bad job. Adam looks to be out to, at the very least, interfere with Jesse’s personal life.

What do you think? Has Adam Kokesh taken his feud with Jesse Benton too far?

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Who cares mofocker

This is about our freedoms. I can care less what personal feud they have and who is right or wrong. Anyone that DO something to advance the cause of freedom is welcome. Yeah there will always be some strife and bs going on, but just keep in mind we really have no central authority and WE are all leaders. Leave the followers to the DMC/RNC bitches.

Just to make it clear...

Adam Kokesh is a free-speaking blogger.

The guy speaks his mind, and I agree with him on almost everything. He gets out the word, just like a few other people, and makes a very strong presentation against Benton. Personally, I was sceptical of Benton before I ever started watching Adam, but the fact that the campaign disregards him rather than talking with him, is reason enough for me to like him even more.

NO ONE should shut-out communications, and MUCH worse, a presidential campaign should PUNISH itself for ignoring the efforts, concerns, and wishes of it's grass-roots support.

Of Course Ron Paul

...distances himself. Yes, it might appear Adam has done some good things in the past. However, his personal attacks (along with those of Lawyers4Ron Paul) against Jesse are disgusting.

The campaign staff is not what is important. The *demonstrators* and *third party* usurpers are not what is important in Tampa.

Ron Paul and our delegates are what is important. Focus.


Hey Liberty Chat, why do you guys routinely make the most

asininely provocative comments?

Yesterday I was watching a YouTube of yours with Stefan Molyneux and Scott Horton, interviewed separately, and your interviewer casually dropped the following meme: 'what's Ron gonna do with that $3.3 mil? He's gonna put it toward his retirement??'

I was like, WTF??

What the F*ckety F' F' F'!!!

WTF is the matter with you?

That's not the first time you guys led with MSM-esque presumptive line of questioning.

What's your aim? The truth, or smear first and let the chips fall where they may after attracting attention for intentionally making provocative comments?

It'd one thing if so many great guests avoided your show, but they don't. And since so many well-known liberty activists routinely come on your show, do you not think you need to rein in a bit of your TMZ-ness, now that you have garnered enough attention by dropping enough intentionally provocatively subconscious memes?

Predictions in due Time...

"Let it not be said that no one cared, that no one objected once it's realized that our liberties and wealth are in jeopardy." - Dr. Ronald Ernest Paul

The question was "what do you

The question was "what do you think Ron Paul should do with his leftover campaign cash?", Scott gave his answer. I just listened to it again, didn't hear any retirement comment but if he did, I can't control the guest's answers.

LibertyChat.com reports on various hot topics within the Liberty movement, whether they are positive or negative. Once Adam replied to the youtube video, the hit count & comments started to spike, so we reported on it. If it was a nobody just looking to troll we wouldn't report on it, but Adam Kokesh has a large, loyal following. When he speaks, people in the Liberty movement listen. We report on it.

Here's a list of articles from us that might be more of what you're looking for















Really? Please listen to it again:

It was NOT Stefan's, nor Scott's response, but YOUR interviewer's commentary.

Your interviewer essentially intimates it; for punctuational and contextual clarity, when I wrote,

your interviewer casually dropped the following meme: 'what's Ron gonna do with that $3.3 mil? He's gonna put it toward his retirement??'

I was stating it 'as if' one is essentially intimating it.

Despite the accepted modern interchangeable usage, when I use single quotation marks (' '), I intend them in the more classical sense: not direct quotes, as double quotations (" ") are, still in some circles, the 'only proper use' for directly citing someone's remarks.

That said, just so that there's no misunderstanding, the following is what your interviewer said, around 25:54min mark:

And uh um, looks like Ron Paul with his leftover campaign cash is gonna be giving it again to Campaign For Liberty. Um, that's just a prediction; I don't know if he's definitely doing that, yet. If he does, do you [Scott Horton] agree with that maneuver, and if not, what should he do with his left over campaign cash?

Particularly the manner in which your interviewer characterized it subconsciously communicates something nefarious: mainly the use of the word "giving it again to Campaign For Liberty," an organization both maligned by many within R3VOL as well as our critics.

All the while, your interviewer continues to postulate without any proof or any sign that Dr. Paul may do so, he continued on to say "if he's definitely doing that, yet," which also subconsciously intimates that 'Dr. Paul may do something he should not be doing, but we may have to keep an eye out for in case he does'-type of deal.

And, add the word "maneuver," in that specific context, it sublimates a bit more sinister subtext; it makes it all sound like he's 'funneling' funds for his post-Congressional retirement ventures.

Whether your interviewer intended it that manner, or not, that's how subconsciously those words would absolutely come across to some people.

And, granted we're not some polished MSM propagandists, but I suppose I was just miffed that considering the amount of R3VOL that tune into listen to some of the more illustrious guests you guys have been getting on to interview lately, I felt it was utterly irresponsible.

Of course, no one can truly know what or how another person would interpret it, but as a communication medium, particular words are chosen for a reason; all I'm saying is that the more popular your 'chats' become I just wish you guys were more cognizant of the vernaculars you deploy, because specific words communicate specific meaning, but also imply subconscious subtext; the mind picks up what one may not be conscious of. There's a reason why the Ruling Class spend about 90% of all their resources on info propaganda against us, 'mere peons.'

To be fair though, perhaps I too shall be eating my own words, as I interpreted your interviewer's comments a bit further than what he may have intended to communicate. But, after rounds of hearing critics smearing Dr. Paul's C4L as some mere post-campaign cash funnel, that's the impression I got, unfortunately. And frankly, the nature of your past headlines is not helping, from my perspective, for what that is worth.

Predictions in due Time...

"Let it not be said that no one cared, that no one objected once it's realized that our liberties and wealth are in jeopardy." - Dr. Ronald Ernest Paul

I think what you're reaching

I think what you're reaching for, and what's the case are two different things. It's tough to challenge anyone within the Liberty movement without receiving a knee-jerk reaction.

I get along well with Adam. Have worked with him in the past. Still, when he was a guest on the show, I pushed back on him against his Personal attacks on Benton, and his criticism against Rand's endorsement of Romney (despite agreeing with Adam's criticism).

Yes, the hosts have their own opinions, that will creep into the show time to time, but we do our best to challenge our guests, agree with them or not.

We welcome all opinions at LibertyChat.com. Anyone can post to our home page, even if they want to criticize Liberty Chat. Don't like an opinion given in an article? Write one with your own take on the issue.

AK is right

Jesse needs to go !

egapele's picture

I don't care about what

Adam Kokesh does or thinks.

Adam probably has

a crush on Ron Paul's granddaughter and doesn't know how to express it.

Sorry dude...

...you and I have had some interactions on DP before, and I dig you, but I had to down vote your comment. I gather you were just being a smartass...as I usually am, just ask my mother, but come on! You can be smart-ass'ier than this! If you were Tim Burton, this comment would have been Planet of the Apes. Now, if you said Adam has a crush on Jesse and doesn't know how to express it, now that would get a thumbs up by me! Although, I actually rather do like Adam Kokesh and the anarcho-capitalist ideals he preaches. We have the same first name, our penises our cut in the same fashion, and we both have beards... although his is starting to look like a dead squirrel tied by it's front and back legs with string and wrapped around his head. All said, I'd rather be in a foxhole with Adam than Jesse...subsequently, and to my very facetious remorse, so would my wife(she loves his bulging biceps).


My quick little jab at Adam is because the guy is over the top and has become annoying to me lately. The drama he is stirring up makes me wondering what his motives are with all of this.

I find it funny and sad that people care enough about this drama thread to down vote my cheesy joke. Or the Alex Jones people around here didn't like me calling their cult leader a manbaby.

This guy is right up there

This guy is right up there with Alex Jones in hurting more than helping this cause.

It is what happens

when mentally unstable people are given some attention.

Adam is close to harmless while Alex knows 100% what he is doing.


Word to your mother brother. Agreed. Up-voted.

Liberty Chat?

You're not for Liberty...
You're for chat! Cheap chat!
Blah, blah, blah!
Please go away with any and ALL of your gossip!
Have you nothing better to do?

" In Thee O Lord do I put my trust " ~ Psalm 31:1~

I won't even click the link

to validate this garbage.

Check to see through the FEC

Check to see through the FEC if Kokesh or Jesse Benton has given to the Ron Paul campaign & ask yourself why one of them has not given one dime.

I haven't checked with the FEC

...but considering all the dimes Jesse got from the Ron Paul campaign, I'm assuming Kokesh made the bigger sacrifice. The motherfucker (Kokesh that is, and I can't confirm which mother) has organized the vets for RP, committed acts of civil disobedience for the sake of the first amendment on numerous occasions....the man doesn't just speak it, he lives it, and for that he's got my utmost respect. For now. Like the weather things may change. But for now, A O K in my books.


Has become the TMZ of the movement. He no longer advances the cause... Hes become just more mindless Kardashian trash.

While I admire...

...the fact that you are as equally repulsed as I by Kardashians and TMZ, et al ad infinitum.... I must say that I value the insights to the machinations of the campaign that Adam has been able to first-hand offer to the public. 'Light and transparency' if you will. Adam most definitely advances 'the cause' I assure you. I would admonish all to turn off the Alex Jones and listen to Adam Kokesh. Sure, I can't listen to Kokesh every day (though my wife and I particularly appreciate his 'Stoner Sunday' podcast) he is most definitely espousing the principles I stand for, namely volunteerism and the non-aggression principle. And did I mention individualism? Thank you. Drive thru.


This is a clown question, bro. Take your gossip and drama over to Perez Hilton.

Nationals Fan? Haha!

I think it was said by Bryce Harper?

Haha yup, but then Harry Reid..

Haha yup, but then Harry Reid ruthlessly murdered it.. I may have to take it back now


Actually, I think you enjoy stirring this pot.

At lot of professional gossips make thier living with this kind of crap.


Free includes debt-free!

I guess that depends on what Adam Kokesh saw, whether it is...

confidential. If Adam saw Benton commit a felony in the privacy of his of his home, he has a responsibility as a citizen to report it.

As far as Benton's biggest crime was "doing a bad job," I don't care whether the disastrous results of his actions were intentional or not. I'd surely like to confront the obstetrician who missed my umbilical hernia, the pediatrician who missed my "short leg" syndrome, the ER physician who missed my spine compression and the technician who screwed up my labs, costing me my thyroid and wrecking my health.

If either myself or my family wind up in a internment camp, I hold Jesse Benton responsible and God help him if I ever catch up with him.


I've got two ruptured discs. I'm getting an epidural in the spine in a couple of days. I feel your pain. As for Benton, I think it's pretty well established that he's got a zero painted on his back. Not with cross-hairs mind you. I don't need the SS up my ass.

who cares...

Stay focused on things that matter. Adam doesn't matter. He should mind his own business.


...exercise his right of free speech. You decide.