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The Nightmare Scenario

The Nightmare Scenario | What Really Happened

Let us start with some unpleasant facts.

1. The debt-based economy of the private central banks has failed and is collapsing.
By design private central banks such as the Federal Reserve, the International Monetary Fund, the World Bank, the European Central Bank, etc. all create debt faster than they create money with which to pay the debt. Under the rules of private central banking money can only enter circulation as the proceeds of a loan at interest. All the so-called "bailouts" are simply more loans, plunging the subjugated populations deeper into debt. The private central bankers cannot change the rules without admitting to the public the system was flawed from the start and governments that sold their populations into the slavery of private central banking cannot change the rules without admitting they were stupid (or corrupt) for falling for the fraud in the first place.

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I$ Interest Sacred ???

If you have the right answer then there is No Nightmare.

The solution to the problem is "Rest", to regain your Sanity. Take a break, as on Sabbath, or the Jubilee. This break is only in One aspect of Life, i.e. pause Interest. You can /must continue with the normal work, or enjoy, = loving, farming, trading, serving, etc.

The attachment to the Tick-Tock of the Debt-Clock is driving mankind towards the precipice, 'on the edge', causing anxiety, very tiring & distressing, so many have become insane or suicidal. I hope you read the opening para of the article, = "Under the rules of private central banking money can only enter circulation as the proceeds of a loan at interest."

Question the Rationalist, secular humanist, - Where is human love ?
Question the man of Religion, Who is your Creator, does He allow u$ury ?

Stop serving the Beast, press the Pause button of the Debt-Clock.
Let it rest for one year, cosmic time and heart-beat will continue.
The amounts in the account will remain static, they will change only with transaction, i.e. debit or credit will only be with payments into or withdrawals from the account. The figures /numerals will not change with Time, = No automatic increase in debt.

After one year a per'son still has the choice, or freedom to go back to being insane, re'start interest meter. Just taste sanity for a year, or at least do Not spoil it for others.

Usury is a Fetish, demanding irrational reverence. The bats & vampires are (have become) blind & deaf. Nations of the world are protesting, it has become fashionable to ridicule / blame banksters, some are suggesting radical measures, & punishment.

Therefore stopping usury is most reasonable, fair, just, humane, and most important a peaceful solution, - - otherwise there is bound to be conflict-s, of interest, draped in religion-s, leading to wars, death & destruction. Vampires live on blood, Satan wants bloodshed, Humans love Life.
Let There Be Light.
Let Truth Be Spoken.

no problem for the bankers

...they can inflate their way out of the problem while imposing austerity on the sheeple....if the sheeple get out of hand...the government will use force to put them down...so there is no problem at all for the masters of the universe, they will not suffer and they don't care about the suffering of the people....in fact they enjoy it!

The author is off his rocker when he proclaims,

"That infrastructure built to sustain human life and human enterprise is the one and only true function of government; the only purpose for which humans tolerate the intrusion and control of government."

Perhaps he isn't aware of a little known and even lesser studied, now near ancient manuscript known as the Declaration of Independence.

In it, there is clear and unequivocal language as to the SOLE purpose of government, and building and maintaining "infrastructure" isn't even on the radar.

We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.--That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed,


THAT is the only true function of government - to secure the inalienable rights of all. There's nothing in that document about "infrastructure." The colonists didn't revolt because King George failed to maintain some bridges. They revolted because he was a tyrant.

Unfortunately, the site linked to doesn't date stamp its articles, so there is no way of knowing when it was published. But to be brought to our attention so shortly after our nation's celebration of Declaring Independence, one would think anyone writing about the one true purpose of government would have a clue.

such is my problem w Rivera

Though he has one of the best news sights around, he carries the disease which he claims to oppose:
He supports unconstitutional/collectivist projects that HE likes
(such as the space program), while attacking those who do the same for projects that THEY want.
I.E. he's a flaming HYPOCRITE.



"The problem is not those in power, the problem is right between your ears." ~Larken Rose


WRH, Date Stamps, And Historical Reality

After the Declaration Of Independence was penned,the Articles Of Confederation were ratified by the 13 colonies (States) represented. That wasn't good enough, however, and the People opted to draft a NEW document called the Constitution. Within this document are broad sweeping generalities regarding the government's duty to provide for 'the general welfare'. It is, of course, THIS misconstrued statement that has emboldened the 'government' to create an INFRASTRUCTURE (probably a GOOD thing, as you would not be on the INTERNET if it was not for the INTELSAT, and you would not be driving to work on the INTERSTATE HIGHWAY SYSTEM. The 'POWER GRID' of Tesla's A.C. would probably not exist in its' current form, and so on and so forth...).

As far as the date of the publication of Micheal Rivero's commentary, I can assure you that it was within the last 30 days. Since the public release on the Alternet about the '700 dirty words' that the NSA and DHS are monitoring (about a month ago), Micheal is posting a 'random DHS monitored phrase for the day'.

You seem to be isolated on a single phrase or sentence, which is not being held in the context of what Mr. Rivero is stating.
Let me post the section in entirety for your eludication:

Yet as history has shown, governments will neglect development of infrastructure as they turn towards corruption and as corruption progresses, allow the existing infrastructure to deteriorate. Eventually, infrastructure that is not maintained reaches a point of decay where the cost of replacement and repair becomes huge, more than the governments can afford or bankers care to invest in at a time when most humans are no longer of use to the ever-more-automated factories. Sooner or later, governments and bankers realize its cheaper and easier to murder off a few billion people rather than have to spend the money to build decent communities.

The pattern is a traditional one. Europe under the rule of the Popes neglected the primitive infrastructure of the time. As the public baths built by Rome began to crumble, the church, instead of working to sustain hygiene, simply taught the masses that bathing was a sin! And the public clamor to repair the baths subsided. But eventually, population pressures on an ancient and unmaintained infrastructure pushed medieval Europe to the edge of collapse, when just at the last minute, the Black Plague decimated the population. All of a sudden, there was ample food, room and buildings for the survivors, and the political structure didn't have to spend a farthing to do it!

That was when the money-junkies realized the advantages of killing off masses of humans rather than have to take care of them.

All that is needed is a mechanism of mass death that obfuscates the real agenda.


Or plague.

Or both.

What he states is HISTORICAL REALITY.
Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness are envisioned within the 'general welfare clause' of the Constitution, which allows you to freely transport yourself to a location many miles away, to conduct the business of your choosing, and let you drink water from a drinking fountain without dying, and buy what you want on the internet, and turn on the A.C. in the summer, and the heat in the winter.
I think that you are not thinking your statement through to its' logical conclusion.

Perhaps you might consider tuning in to RBN once in a while, and listening to the WRH radio show, or simply going to the 'WRH' website and reading the posted stories for a few years (like i have).

WRH is one of several HUNDRED websites that I travel to on a weekly basis (the Daily Paul being among them as well).

OR, you can get out your muzzle-loader, and put your feet in a bucket of ice, and fantasize about crossing the Potomic in the dead of winter with Washington (there is a site, 'Winter Soldiers', for you).

Rivero posted some awesome panorama shots of the naval exersizes at Pearl, just before the Fourth. i didn't see anything in the 'DECLARATION' that authorized a MILITARY to PROTECT and DEFEND the UNITED STATES, so I guess that you would call this 'WRONG', as well, old son.


Heed well these words

for this will likely come to pass!

And recovery is impossible.

Interest rates are as low as they can be. There is abosolutely no incentive by anyone to loan money right now unless you simply cannot think of anything else to do with yours. There are bank right now that actually pay a negative passbook rate (in other words they charge you) for the service of keeping your money in an account insured by FIDC (don't get me started on FIDC).

The media sometimes finds this humourous but what does it really mean? Things will get back to normal as soon as the economy gets productive again right?

Absolutely NOT.

Because with $15 trillion in debt, as soon as we "get productive again" (whatever that means), and interest rates climb, and presumably people suddenly have incentive to save - government cost will SKYROCKET faster than any possible climb in tax revenue as we will be pay 3%, 4% maybe 5% on $15 TRILLION!

Even at just a 3% increase in interest on $15 trillion is $450 BILLION per year - 1/6 of everything we CURRENTLY spend. And that pays for nothing new - its just an increase on interest payments.

There is no way out.

There is a backdoor few people know about, but its tiny and

getting smaller.

When I used to program in college I was taught to always build a backdoor into any system. Something that only I (or a fellow programmer) knew about - that could save my butt if my data started doing unintended things.

Well the backdoor to the economy is a little more obvious, but few people talk about it.

The fact is that China ISN'T out biggest debt holder by a long shot. China owns more of our debt than any other country, followed by Japan - but the Federal Reserve owns the more.

I don't have the figures in front of me - so please look this up to verify but the Federal Resrves owns some $1.5 trillion of our $15 trillion debt.

We pay interest on that debt of course, but then each year the Federal Reseve is required to return that interest to the Treasury. It should after all, because we are paying interest on money created out for thin air. The Federal Reserve is lender of the last resort - meaning that if no other country wants to buy our Treasuries - the Federal Reserve buys them. 80% of them as a matter of fact recently - with money it simply creates on the spot.

What that means is - if any of these magical stimulus programs were to suddenly take hold and the economy became self sustaining again - The Federal Reserve Could wave its Federal Reserve Wand and make that $1.5 trillion disappear. Meaning that suddenly instead of owing on $15 trillion, we would owe on $13.5 trillion and we could stand interest payments a lot better. And of course the Federal Reserve would suddenly enjoy enormous popularity as would the government for making $1.5 trillion in debt disappear in a single stroke.

It can happen and it IS a back door.

But it can only be done once and it would still mean we have to pay lots of interest on the remaining $13.5 trillion (or whatever).

That door isn't so small. It can be cracked wide open.

The FED could demand acceptance of their buying up ALL debt. That way, they own it all.

Then Congress simply abolishes the FED and then no one owes anything.

It's a reset button just waiting to be pushed.

But before someone's light bulb goes off about it and makes it happen, we have to have a specie currency waiting in the wings ready to fill the huge gap left by the collapse of the FED and with it, it's phony currency we've been using for the last 98 years.

With a little planning, we could be all debt free, with real money in our pockets, and NO Federal Reserve, all in short order. But I doubt 1 in 1000 people in D.C. could pull it off. Most of them are entirely too stupid to comprehend even the basics of this.

There are number of ways it can be pulled off but only once.

And I am betting that the few sane and nonclueless people in Washington (which you could count on the fingers of one hand) are well aware of this.

Other THAN this option all there is is falling off a cliff. Its the only reset we have and it can ONLY be used if the economy begins to recover FOR REAL (None of this dependent on stimulus crap). But once the reset is pushed, if it doesn't work, we are cooked.

"Under the rules of private

"Under the rules of private central banking money can only enter circulation as the proceeds of a loan at interest."

That's a big statement. Anyone know where/how can this be verified?

Federal Reserve NOTES.

A note is a certificate of debt.

So how else?

Can you provide any information about other means of money being created and put into circulation? I haven't heard of any.



"The emergence of money happens through a gradual process, in the course of which more and more market participants, each for himself, decide to use one commodity rather than others in their indirect exchanges. Thus the historical selection of gold, silver, and copper was not made through some sort of a social contract or convention. Rather, it resulted from the spontaneous convergence of many individual choices, a convergence that was prompted through the objective physical characteristics of the precious metals. Money selected in the free market. i.e. money that comes into use by the voluntary cooperation of acting persons, is also called natural money"

Read this and

Read this and learn.

“It does not require a majority to prevail, but rather an irate, tireless minority keen to set brush fires in people's minds”
-Sam Adams



it's hard to be awake; it's easier to dream--

Loved it-

even tho it is a nightmare it's been a long time coming.

This is the nature of all govts. including ours, even tho the means to their end is different.

Now the party's over...time to face the piper or perish.

"If you want something you've never had before, you have to do something you've never done before." Debra Medina

There are no accidents in what is happenning.

This is all part of the agenda: One Global Government under the rule of One Central Bank, Rothschild owned, guaranteeing the future wealth of the world elite who feel it is their right to rule the masses.

However, an "idea whose time has come" does not die easily. There is hope.
Ron Paul and the Liberty Movement with all its enthusiastic followers!