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Wisconsin Liberty Candidate for State Assembly in a Winnable District Needs Help with Bloggers and Press.

I am running for state assembly in southern Milwaukee. I have a clean record with very little for the media to discourage voters against me with. However the social media has been relentless and I could use positive Blogger and Media reviews. The progessive and socialist media is on attack mode because I am running in a very winnable district in southern Milwaukee.

I am a Liberty candidate and am looking for as much help as possible. I am new to Fundraising and this is a something i am new at and could use help there as well. The district is currentlly held by a Social Liberal who won by 1000 votes 2 years ago. I can win this and i need help! My info is Http://kristantharris.com

add my political page on Facebook. http://www.facebook.com/pages/Kristan-T-Harris-For-State-Ass...

Email: Kristan@Kristantharris.com

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You should look into having SovereignJanice add your name to this list...I think she has you fill out a questionnaire to confirm that you fit the "liberty candidate" profile and then she will add you to the list. :)



This is our power, let it shine people!

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A few simple effective

things you can do is create a one page (two at the most) summary detailing who you are, why you're running and why you think people should vote for you. Spell out some of the issues that are important to you and be sure to include where donations can be sent. Make a bunch of copies and get out in your district and go door to door and hand them out. You can also go to your local gathering spots (coffee shops, etc.)and shake hands and get to know people. It's a great cost effective way to get to meet people in your district and people are more apt to remember you if they meet you and talk to you in person.

If you're able to get enough funds, follow up with a direct mailing. Ultimately you will want to do the blogging and get media coverage if you can, but the other things you can do right away without much money or experience.

Good luck!

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Thanks for running! I read your platform and it sounds pretty good. I don't really know much about blogging or fundraising myself...but I am sure there is someone here who can steer you in the right direction...Good luck to you!

Thanks so much!

Thank you. I have to finish it. I am new to politics so soaking in all this information is tough. I was a Libertarian member until this year when i tried to become a delegate for the GOP for Ron Paul and lost by 3 votes. Trying to find a campaign manger is rediculous. :) The establishment found out I was a Liberty candidate and presto now i have a primary (Neocon?) :). So we have to win this think in Wisconsin political battlefield the nation has eyes on.

Stay Blessed

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