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Raimondo Article: Assange's Last Stand

"If there was ever a clear cut case of good versus evil, then surely it is the contest between Julian Assange and most of the world’s governments. They hate him because he exposed their lies, their manipulations, and their routine violations of the most elementary rules of human decency. By publishing virtually the entire corpus of messages sent to and fro between Mordor Washington and their Nazgûl diplomats in the field, WikiLeaks has given us the true history of the world in modern times, or, at least, a good glimpse into its secret underside historians rarely uncover."
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is a hero I think.

But I thought Alqaeda

who is a group of Sunni Muslims were trying to get rid of another country that isn't Saudi Arabia's puppet. That the Syrian people actually like Assad, and that all this violence is another Libya where the media has us to believe the freedom fighters are good, but really end up being Muslim extremists.

Once all the violence is over, they will hold elections and someone from the Muslim Brotherhood will become the leader.

Basically what I am saying, is wikileaks is being used to propagandize us(liberty lovers) into believing the hostile takeover of Syria is being done by the good guys. I believe Assange is a fraud and is being used as a puppet to get those who believe wikileaks is good on board with the neocon narrative in Syria. I personally like wikileaks as a concept, but if it is being used as an elaborate hoax to trick people, then it is evil...

I personally would steer clear of all of it... Look what happened in Libya. Qaddafi was loved by his people and the neocons since the 80s have done all they can to turn the world against Qaddafi because he wanted Africa to stop selling their resources in American dollars and use gold Denari instead. fort Knox is empty and the UK doesn't have much gold either and it would have exposed our true worth.

If Assad is really loved by his people, then emails of weapons sales to him would not be a smoking gun, but what a leader who wants to protect his people should do.

Be careful... don't you people become neocons all the sudden.

How I've changed...

In the last year, I have made a complete 180 from Republican apologist to understanding the truth. After reading "The Creature from Jekyll Island" and watching "The Money Masters", my eyes were opened (to abuse an easy metaphor). After digesting many more books, articles, history essays, etc I get more and more riled up every day.

When the Wikileaks thing first hit, I was caught up in the anti-Assange whirlwind. He was destablizing governments, exposing us to our enemies. One of the bad guys, doing it all for his own personal grandure.

How things have changed. In the last year or so I have realized, as I should have long ago, Assange is a freedom fighters in the most basic sense of the word. He is attempting to show us who were are, what we are doing, and where we are going. I thank him for that, and I am truly sorry for what has happened to him. I hope his legend as a martyr takes hold for others to see, and I hope that like me, more and more people will realize that things are bad. Very bad. Something needs to change.

Deprogramming progressives, one conversation at a time.

Hey, any one get any good

Hey, any one get any good scoops from the Syria emails. All Ive seen are reports that they are released, not any juicy stories about what they say


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the beast was exposed...

but it recovers quickly, doesn't it?

its 'cos I owe ya, my young friend...
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9/11 Truth.

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Beautiful, effective writing


Second that - Raimondo nails it, as always

Free Julian Assange and Bradley Manning!