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Wisconsin Raw Milk Rally July 11th Join Me And Others For Food Independence!

healthy-food lovers,
The judge denied VERNON HERSHBERGER's jurisdictional challenges with the common judicial protection of the government they protect, which is basically governmental racketeering. Vernon just filed a Motion for Summary Judgment and Supplement that will be heard on Wednesday, July 11th as well as the Wisconsin DOJ's motions in Limine to keep pertinent exculpatory testimony and evidence from the jury. As many people as possible should appear to rally for our rights to choose the food we want at the Sauk County Courthouse at Baraboo, Wisconsin. Please arrive at 1 PM with signs and banners.

GCN Live radio talk show host Josh Tolley will be the M.C. and keynote speaker at our Rally for Food Freedom at 1:30 pm. Vernon Hershberger's case hearing is scheduled for 2:30 pm, that is next Wednesday afternoon.

If the DOJ wins for the food-police Wisc. DATCP, our food rights will be fast-tracked out of existence. Will we have to resort to non-peaceful means as our forefathers did against tyranny? Let's peacefully rally while we can.

Please join the rally for our right to choose foods. Bring the whole family and show support for Vernon and Grazin' Acres Farm Food Club, which is support for our own food rights.

If the judge denies Vernon's Summary Judgement, the trial is scheduled for September 25th; please make arrangements to be there for one week to rally and support our food-freedom.

For those who cannot attend, please incessantly call and fax the people listed below, starting Monday July 9th. Fax and tell them that they need to follow our Constitutional right to the healthy food we choose, especially raw milk. Tell government officials to stay out of our healthy food farms, kitchens, pantries and refrigerators. (See below for phone and fax numbers.)

Additionally, the trial for a Minnesota family farmer, Alvin Schlangen, has been rescheduled for September 17th, 2012 http://www.foodfreedomusa.org/​food-freedom-usa-press.html

healthfully and appreciatively,
aajonus vonderplanitz, Hon.Ph.D.
Right To Choose Healthy Food, Trust

Call about Vernon Hershberger's case about our food-freedom, especially raw milk.
Ben Brancel, Secretary of Wisconsin Dept of Ag.
Office Phone: 608-224-5012
Office Fax: 608 224 5034

Scott Walker, Wisconsin Governor
(608) 266-1212
Fax (608) 267-8983

Wisconsin Attorney General J.B. Van Hollen
(608) 266-1221
Fax (608) 267-2779

Eric DeFort, Asst. Attorney General
WI DOJ, Special Prosecutor for the County of Sauk
Fax (608) 267 2778

Judge Guy Reynolds
(608) 355-3222
Fax: (608) 355-3514

KRistan T. Harris For State Assembly District 20

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That's the spirit

Spreading the word on Twitter.

LL on Twitter: http://twitter.com/LibertyPoet
sometimes LL can suck & sometimes LL rocks!
Love won! Deliverance from Tyranny is on the way! Col. 2:13-15

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Great rally idea, hope it is very

successful. Maybe it could inspire groups in more states to make a bigger news splash for food freedom.