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Why we began this & why we MUST finish this!

The following video explains why Americans need to get involved.


We need to continue to share these, favorite them, facebook them. We know something helped each of us to understanding why Liberty is so valuable. Some delegates are still undecided, some are for Romney, but not sure why. We have to do the work, run this marathon, until the majority of Americans are awake to the facts. I hope you will all join me and make the decision to find the ways to contact your local delegates with great videos like the one above. We need to not give up on those elected to go to the Republican National Convention to represent the American people and our Constitution. We need to send these people polls showing Ron Paul defeating Obama, videos of why we support this man, and still write letters to our editors, congress, and the media. We need to remember the drive we had and why.

Please watch, share, consider getting involved however you can. Thank you.

I will be sending this video to those Republicans who have lost their way in my state.

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Loved it

This is a powerful add.

I wish they would not say conservative so much as that would divide their audience. Those that call themselves 'liberals' or 'progressives' would turn this add off before it gets to the good stuff. I would refrain from name calling such as calling yourself a 'liberal' or 'conservative' or 'progressive' or anything else, or calling others by these names. That is how the status quo wins, by dividing and conquering.

Keep re-iterating that the more money government uses the less money you have to use. This should fly in the face of all the Keynesians who want to promote spending. How can the people spend more money and boost the economy if the government keeps taking it from them and giving it to special interests?

I think Obama, Pelosi, Reid, Rubio, McCain, etc....

should ALL have to go to work for a living and pay this debt down. We need more people out of office and pushing a broom.

"Return of DVDs for Delegates"?

I applaud your determination and agree with your desire. Hopefully your efforts will have the intended effect. IMHO, though, our efforts will be better served making sure our delegates get in and are treated fairly; converting others is a very tough row to hoe, in my experience. Still, good things can come from the effort -- and that can be things besides just picking up delegate votes for Paul's nomination. The message is spreading because it is true and the status quo is lies. Liberty will continue to win minds.

What is begun in anger, ends in shame.

Yes, I have talked to Doug Wead about the campaign

assisting people in getting to Tampa $$'s. I am looking forward to his response very soon!! I know of people going and they are riding on the buses to the convention with others and they will be "working" on them the entire time. Informing them of the NDAA and other things that most do not have a clue about.