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Yahoo!:"Is Mitt Romney's Honeymoon with Conservatives Already Over?"

I'd give that a big YES!!!!

"Is Mitt Romney's honeymoon with conservatives already over?
By The Week's Editorial Staff | The Week

It's been a brutal week for Romney in the conservative media, suggesting that Republicans are sick of their candidate's vagueness and health care fumbles

Mitt Romney's presidential campaign is taking it on the chin from the conservative media. With Team Romney failing to deliver a cogent message in the wake of the Supreme Court's game-changing ObamaCare ruling, Rupert Murdoch tweeted that Romney needed to dump "old friends from his team" and "hire real pros." ...

Yes. The honeymoon is over: "Romney is facing the backlash from conservatives that his opponents predicted in the primary, and it isn't pretty," says Matt Negrin at ABC News. The proximate cause is Romney's muddled, awkward message on the Right's No. 1 cause, ObamaCare, but that has simply opened the floodgates of criticism over Team Romney's inability to move the polls in his favor.

Link to article here: http://news.yahoo.com/mitt-romneys-honeymoon-conservatives-a...

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Ron Paul is MY political leader

His message is my central mission, and his demeanor, the way he approaches topics, his words, his expainations, are my road map. He's been there, done that, so I am following him. These ideas on the issues are NOT mine. I LOVE them, I believe in them, and that's what motivated me to join the GOP and work to get on a central committee.

The reason Romney was selected before the convention is how powerful central committees are. Romney was vetted on the central committees, so that's how these are, "inside jobs". It's why "delegates" are getting bumped, they are not on central committees, and have no sponsor on one.

I never knew any of this until I got on a central committee. Thirty three years of being a political activist, working for the registrar's office, petitioning, protesting, rallying, all that, and I NEVER had any idea there was such a thing as a central committee.

When I met RP he said, "Thank you for inviting me to your rEVOLution." I thought,, "wha? this is YOUR rEVOLution."

When I got my seat on my central committee, I said, "Thank you for inviting me into your party". I'm sure they thought, "Wha? Who invited you?"


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"Thank you for inviting me to your revolution."

Words not welcome in the flock you're seeking to soar with.

Where did you get THAT idea? Personal experience?

Or is that what you heard on MSM? Or some Liberal propeganda?

I was afraid to join the GOP. That's how much of a SUCKER I was. I was afraid, I felt sick. And the central committee.. man I was TRIPPIN! I was SERIOUSLY AFRAID, but I felt I needed to do this, I needed to "man up" for RP and be for real.. and so I pinched my nose, held my breath, sucked it up, and found two former Democrats, one a lady that goes to my church, the other a guy I know from state parks... they choked on their Lo Mein when I showed up. They were like WTF, Where did you come from?

I was like, Hey where is everyone.. supposed to be 21 EVIL NO GOOD NEOCON SCUM UCKS.. whatcha guys doin' here? They say, keeping the seats warm.

So is this a JOKE? WTF????

Where's the Bush and Cheney, and Rumsfeld, and where are all the people really?

Oh no one shows up.

So now that I've met all of five... Seems most Republicans WERE Democrats and they were invited in and keep the seats warm. We eat cookies and have coffee and talk politics and no one agrees with anyone.. it's a trip.

One guy is a Mexican, he says at a meeting that we should pass a tax so people will like us. I say WHAT? No way Jose. we don't need no stinking taxes.. he never showed up again.

So please you want to feed yourself the MSM BS about the GOP eat it, but for me, they are people who I know, I know where they live, where they work, what church they go to, and they ain't no big deal. They are hoping I will be. They KNOW the GOP sucks. But hey.. they've got all that POWER because everyone so freaked out by MSM propeganda and Bush.

Enough.. allready. GET REAL! I'm THERE I KNOW what's up. You've never been to a meeting, what do you think you can tell me? You're afriad, your're apathetic.. come on give me your lame ass excuse and BS why you're so mush better than us that you don't have to go to a mean bad ass GOP meeting.

I understand why you see it that way

You are not on a central committee and you don't have any opportunity to make changes except for a presidential vote.

You could be on a central committee vetting issues and candidates, but YOU choose not to, and furthermore, you refuse those of us who have gone where you didn't dare, into the GOP claiming a seat.

That presidential candidate is NOT going to put local issues on MY ballot, I am. Under Obama, I have to consider Obama as he is my president, I am an American, under Romney, all of us on central committees can pressure him, as Obama has NO Ron paul Republicans in seats or offices and Romney will.

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I will agree the party must be taken over just like the

evangelicals did 20+ years ago. We fielded who we could in our area and won some positions. This will help liberty going forward.

Your position of believing the committees will influence romney is overly optimistic in the extreme. That position is more extreme than rand's.

The reality is we get what we want when we win. Otherwise, they will do what they want.

However, unless Dr. Paul is the nominee, the party will surely NOT get my vote. Of course, neither will the other communist. You can be sure I will vote.

I know nothing about central committees

When Ron Paul encouraged us to get a CC seat, I had no idea what he was talking about.

Come to find out, these committees do have A LOT of power in local elections in putting candidates and issues on our ballots. They are who VETS the delegates, issues, and candidates.

Ron and Rand are both connected to central committees as they have an elected office.

I don't know how "optimistic" I am, in that I do believe MSM has far more power, and too many are under it's influence, rather than doing what Ron Paul asked ALL of us to do.

He gave us a plan, and too many are not willing to follow.

Hillary, is controlling the Democratic Central committees and is WHY Obama has become a liar. If Ron Paul Republicans were seated, we would make Romney a "liar" by forcing OUR issues and candidates onto him.

That is why Rand "endorsed" Romney. We don't have the seats.

so how much are they paying

so how much are they paying you?

How much does opportunity cost?


when anyone mentions mitt as a republican

it's one big collective groan.

when anyone mentions mitt as a republican

it's one big collective groan.

I hope this emotion in the public amplifies.

How can anyone be satisfied with Romney as a candidate?!?

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Anyone wanting to have Obama re-elected.


Seems to me

Everyone pledging to vote for GJ, because they KNOW, he won't win, and they don't care, that Ron Paul Republicans need them to empower their seats and offices.

I will vote for Ron Paul in the general election no matter what

But that being said, Gary Johnson people are NOT the enemy - Romney and Obama are the enemy. Gary Johnson is certainly not perfect but I would much prefer him to either Obama or Romney. I have much more respect for Gary Johnson supporters than I do people who support an establishment R or D candidate out of "party loyalty".

But I will vote for Ron Paul in the general election even if I have to write-in his name. And if he is not on the ballot and write-ins are not an option I will not vote at all.

“Political tags — such as royalist, communist, democrat, populist, fascist, liberal, conservative, and so forth — are never basic criteria. The human race divides politically into those who want people to be controlled and those who have no such desire."

Your consideration of vote

does not take in the LAYERS of politics and who it affects. Ron Paul REPUBLICANS would all prefer Ron Paul, though we highly doubt he will be president, as we know, too many of us did not exactly understand Ron Paul, and did not do what he asked ALL of us to do.

To us, it's not about Romney THE MAN.. no one on my central committee cares about Romney, what we care about is having the power to change OUR communities.

Writing in Ron Paul, as he is not a write in candidate, or by not voting, empowers Obama, not Ron Paul Republicans, who really don't care about Romney, but do care that a REPUBLICAN has power so we can pressure him to see things our way.

Romney wins, and those 14 empty seats on my central committee will fill up fast with people wanting to empower their agendas. Hopefully, they will get filled by a majority of Ron Paul Republicans, then we outnumber the neocons and truely win.

Judging by his time as governor Romney = Obama

Did you forget about Romneycare? Political party labels are meaningless.

“Political tags — such as royalist, communist, democrat, populist, fascist, liberal, conservative, and so forth — are never basic criteria. The human race divides politically into those who want people to be controlled and those who have no such desire."

It's NOT about Romney

TPTB selected Romney because he gives NO HOPE and Obama wins again by default.

Obama's problem is he has HILLARY supporters seated on the Democratic Party's central committes, and they are who is making him into a liar, and why it's her agenda, not his, that is being pushed forward in the Democratic Party. This is why Ron Paul asked us to get on central committees, as this is THE POWER. Ron Paul succeeded in getting dozens of us seated on Central committess, so where Obama has Hillary, Romney has to face us, and we, even though are freshmen, would become equals as no one wanted Romney. Ron Paul Republicans seated on Central Committees would gain power to vet OUR issues and candidates under Romney as the office of president gives us the POWER. So it's not about Romney the candidate, it's about empowering Ron Paul Republicans to control Romney, the way Hillary's committee members control Obama.

The selction fruad is on the central committees, but we need seated people to fight. Many Ron Paul delegates were NOT vetted on central committees and that is why they are being removed, legally.

It's our own fault that too many of us did not do what Ron Paul asked us to do.

Now we have Lawyers for Ron Paul promising to do exactly the opposite of what Ron Paul asked us, by getting a FEDERAL JUDGE to DICTATE to AMERICANS VOTERS to Unbind from THEIR STATE and COUNTY LAWS, and to top it off, in the name of Protection (Ron Paul says we don't need or want government protection) They will have U.S. FEDERAL MARSHALLS OCCUPY and RNC as a POLICE STATE.

Many of us have good intentions, but FAILED to do as Ron Paul does, LEGALLY, understanding the rules and playing by the book.

He gave us the keys to the GOP and too many said, NO THANKS!

Do you really think HC is somehow controlling Obama?

What gives yyou that idea? Even in his Nobel "Peace" Prize address he showed his true colors. They were always there for anyone who was not blinded by flowery language and faux-Greek Columns to see.

“Political tags — such as royalist, communist, democrat, populist, fascist, liberal, conservative, and so forth — are never basic criteria. The human race divides politically into those who want people to be controlled and those who have no such desire."


When I was sending letters our to editors about RP back in 07/08, one major paper who always refused me, the editor got on the phone and sternly told me, "THIS IS HILLARY COUNTRY!"

So when I found out about the Central Committees, I looked to see who was on board the Democratic party, and sure enough, none of the Obama supporters, all of them are Hillary supporters.

Neoliberals, which are worse IMO than Neocons. They could care less about Obama, use him as a foil, relish in people jknocking him, becasue they KNOW, it's not him, it's them.

He has to answer for them publically and not lose face.

You still have not said why you think HC can control Obama

What actual evidence do you have that Hillary Clinton is controlling Obama?

“Political tags — such as royalist, communist, democrat, populist, fascist, liberal, conservative, and so forth — are never basic criteria. The human race divides politically into those who want people to be controlled and those who have no such desire."

Names of people on the Democratic Central Committees

Obama wasn't a senator, or in politics long enough, to have developed a following on the Democratic Party Central Committees. The Neoliberals, ie, Clinton (her husband) has been holding those seats for decades. They vet the Democratic Party candidates, issues and delegates, no different that GOP has Bush Neocons seated.

A Vote for NO ONE in the

A Vote for NO ONE

in the national election, IMO is a vote for personal integrity and Liberty.

Its like choosing to not play the 'stupid tax' (state lottery games), roulette at a casino, nor carney games at the county fair.

When you figure out that the game is rigged - if rational, you choose to no longer participate. You choose to withdraw your consent.

exactly how is voting for

exactly how is voting for gary johnson in the general election and supporting ron paul republicans in central committees mutually exclusive?

i don't think they are.

First, they are seperated by PARTY

Ron Paul REPUBLICANS are not seated at LP central committees, and visa versa. Ron paul invited us to join the GOP, to get a seat so we could vet issues, GJ is not.